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We are the leading top app development company with our expertise in developing top-notch applications that can provide quality performance. We handle the complete process beginning with the concept of development, Appentus technologies provide.

Our Mobile App Development Approaches

Mobile app development approaches can be divided into three broad categories which are web, native and hybrid. You can use one of the approaches depending upon the purpose of your app as no single method can meet the needs of all types of applications. Having a better understanding of all these three approaches will help in building an efficient app. We have a team of developers who are experts in all these three formats and can develop a fully optimized application.

our app develope Approaches



Web apps work with the same flow as traditional “desktop Websites”. Mobile web development works the same. These websites are built using web programming technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that can be easily accessed using browsers and mobile devices. Web apps are based on a constant connection to provide regular and updated content to the users while navigating on different pages on the app. Most of the developers target two main aspects while developing mobile web apps.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design can be beneficial in various aspects of the development and optimization of a web app. To build a responsive design, the easiest way developer opt is to alter the existing layout and visuals of the desktop website. They make it adaptive for receiving touch inputs and displays of mobile devices. However, RWD has the advantage of running on both desktop and mobile devices smoothly, but it offers limited operations and features to develop fully-featured websites that fade the native look and feel of the website. There will be some challenges also in this development like building grids for mobile screens can be very complex with responsive CS.


Mobile Web Apps

One more alternative for this approach can be web apps that are designed especially for mobile users. These web apps are designed using UI conventions based on mobile devices to offer flawless experience. Developers can also create a specific version of web apps for both mobile and desktop too. It will depend on the developer, whether he chooses to build a web app that will work exactly like mobile apps or it can build according to the traditional browser experience. Being a leading web app development company, we offer to build fully-functional web apps for both browser and mobile devices. Our top-notch solutions help clients to offer a seamless experience to their users.

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our app develope approches



One main reason why most of the developers offer to develop hybrid apps is because of its benefits fo both web and native apps. Hybrid apps offer the richness of Native apps and the reach of Web apps. Hybrid apps are used to develop cross-platform apps that can be deployed on multiple platforms. This is one of the reasons why HTML5 is preferred by most of the developers. Web technologies like HTML, javascript, and CSS are used to develop Hybrid apps. It uses the Native Wrappers based on the platform for the deployment process. Native Wrappers works as a medium for hybrid apps to deploy and to Access Native APIs. Since hybrid apps hold the benefits of both Web and Native apps and this is the reason it is preferable to develop these apps when you have more requirements than web apps but less than Native. These apps tend to work slow on older devices because of their ability to run the code while new devices can easily run their complex code without lowering the performance of the app.



One more way other than Web app development is the Native app framework. Native app development, just like its name implies, it uses platform-specific SDK’s and tools to build an application. This implies if you are looking to develop an application for IOS then it will require to use Objective C in apple’s XCode. Similarly to develop an application for android, it will be built using Java and Google’s Android SDKs and In Windows, the app will be built using .NET and Visual Studio. This implies that there are specific SDK and Programming languages for every platform. Since native apps are developed using Platform Specific SDK’s which offers various advantages for mobile apps which includes easy integration with features and APIs of each platform. Native apps can be easily integrated with the features of smartphones and devices. Apps developed using Native frameworks tend to offer great features and functionalities along with great user experience because of its ability to easily synchronization with device features. Hence to build apps with rich features and tools, it will cost accordingly and it will be available for one platform only. Development cost and time will increase based on your development team and the numbers of the platform.

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We make use of the best software development method, Agile to develop and error-free and highly responsive application. It allows for developing a top-quality application with the best performance.

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We have a team of experts who have expertise and experience in all domains. Our Post-development services will include complete technical support for bugs and errors.

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