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10 Website Design Trends That Will Continue in 2020

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The website development industry is growing very rapidly and the sudden changes in the development and designing trends can be helpful to grow your business in 2020. Web design trends have evolved and it keeps on updating some latest technologies to make it more convenient for the users. So we have discussed below some of the top web design trends that will remain in the list of web developers in 2020.

Top Website Trends that will remain in 2020:

  1. Oversized Elements: For better and effective communication, the designing trend to build websites with large and bold fonts will remain to continue this year. It eventually helps the publishers to attract users and to make them understand about their services. The large menu icons, stylish fonts, and elements will make the website more interesting. A big message on the screen with a clear message can help in delivering the agenda to the users in a better way.
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  3. Splitting Screen: This is the most efficient way to deliver the content to your users if you wish to convey more than one message at a time. You can consider splitting the screen from the center to provide the messages on both the end. You can modify both the screens in two different ways which may look completely different from each other and make it more convenient to the users. To make it more genuine, you can simply put your logo in the middle where both these screen meets or you can put a call to action button to make it look familiar.
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  5. Solid Color Blocks: In addition to the Split screen website design, Website development companies have also figured out a more unique way to deliver multiple messages simultaneously. These solid color blocks design where the webpage will be divided into a small square and rectangular blocks filled with color and text to enrich the design of the website.
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  7. Whitespace: The term Whitespace in the website design refers to the black space left between the lines of the text. It separates the visuals and the design elements to give a feel of a balanced design. However, it can seem a waste of space while it can be the best place to put the CTA button to make it more highlighted. In 2020 website design trends, Whitespace seems to grow more.
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  9. Grids and Windows: This is one of the advanced forms of website designs which can be considered as inspired by technology. Designing the website by dividing it into different screens and grid lines make it an eye-catching substance for the users.
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  11. 3D Digital ArtWork: To grow attention from the visitors, this 3D digital artwork can be a prominent solution. The website design trends that will remain in 2020 will surely have it in its list as these 3D images make our website more representative to the users. Web developers always seek to have something unique in web design.
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  13. Layers Above Layers: Providing layers into your content can be a unique way to display the information to the users. You can layer elements on the top or you can make it looks like a pop-up after clicked by the users. One can use the whitespace to layer the elements or by putting the size of the elements in a perfect manner.
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  15. Motion Objects: One of the best ways to get the attention of the site visitors is by integrating the motion objects into your website. It can be either micro-animations or the typography that keeps on moving while we hover over them. To make it more convenient for your website look for the area which needs to grab the attention of the users.
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  17. Screen-sized Forms: Designing trends like bold elements and whitespace has made its way into the most important part of any website, that is Forms. Building fullscreen forms can grow the attention of the customer to avail of the services you provide. Whether you are asking to fill a form for sign up or any services.
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  19. Illustrations: With the advancement in web development technology, web developers can build high-end illustrations that can be used to make the website more creative to seek the attention of the users.

So these were some of the top web design trends that will continue in 2020 to build a more responsive and high-quality website. If you are looking to build a website to expand your services or to grow a large user base then make sure integrating these designing trends in your website to make it more attractive and user-friendly. If you have any concerns regarding web development services then you can contact Appentus Technologies

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