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12 Tips for Mobile App to leverage Downloads via App-Store Optimization

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Have you recently uploaded your app on the app store but not satisfied with App store search results? If yes then you need to perform an app store optimization technique to increase your visibility of application on the google play store.

What is App Store optimization techniques?

App store optimization can be understood as a technique for mobile apps to get a higher ranking on app store search results. It works similarly like the SEO for websites. It can be also called as App Store SEO. It comes into existence when even after a month of development and deployment there are fewer downloads of the app. You can better run a campaign for your brand of you can perform the natural SEO techniques that can optimize your app. Here we have listed some of the primary tips that can help you in better optimization of your application.

Tips to perform App Store SEO:

  • Find Appropriate Keywords: Look for the best keywords that can help you to get your rankings high. Google play store and app store algorithm rank an application depending upon the keyword optimization. Make an analysis based on the keywords impression and search results to pick the best keyword that can suit your needs.
  • App Name: Since mobile app development offers ease in development so there can be multiple apps for the same purpose. You need to be very selective with your app name to stand out different from the crowd. Follow the app name format by putting the app name followed by a semicolon and then the keywords.
  • App keywords and Description: You can make use of this to optimize your keywords. In the Google Play store, you can have a short description of up to 8 characters and a long description of up to 4000 characters to describe your application. You can make use of your keywords up to 5 times. You can also use the HTML tags and the emojis. On the other hand, the ios app store doesn’t require much keywords optimization. 
  • App Name Length: You need to be very selective in terms of your app name. Since the app store allows up to 30 characters in the app name while google play store allows up to 50 characters in the app name. Pick an app name that can be easily pronounced and can be easily rememberable. A short name can help you in better app store optimization. 
  • App Icon: Apart from your app development cost you have to keep a separate budget to design an app icon for your app. It needs to be very effective that can symbolize your app primary feature. Make it simple and unique so that it can help in better engaging users to your app. 
  • App Screenshots: App store optimization can be better optimized by updating the app screenshots that can attract users. Make sure to pick the best screenshot that can explain your application purpose and can help in attracting users towards your app. You can also add some short text along with an impressive background to make it look better.
  • App Store Ratings: An app development company can let you build and deploy your app on the app store but to increase downloads on your app you need to build the best impact on these visitors. App reviews and ratings can help you to increase your apps download and can help you in better optimization.
  • App promotional Text: To avail better app store optimization you can add promotional text to your app. Ios 11 offers to add promotional text above the description and it will not be indexed. You can use the app description for the google play store.
  • App Description: Application and web development needs to be effective to avail users the best service. A description of your app can help you to reach the masses. Create a catchy and effective app description that can lend the user to download the application. Keep it short and point-to-point to let the user know about your app's features and uniqueness of your app. 
  • App Store Keywords: You can list out almost 50 keywords for your app. You can filter out the most relevant keywords for your app to rank it on Google Play Store. You can get some suggestions at
  • Keyword Planner
  • Uber Suggests
  • Competitors and Customers: Make a detailed research about your customers and competitors to make a strategy for your app store optimization campaign. Research the language and the competitor keywords that have more visibility. Then build your marketing strategy based on that.
  • Video: You might have calculated the mobile app development cost using the app cost calculator to get an estimate for the development of the app. However, the actual cost varies accordingly. Video can help to show a preview of your app to the visitors. You can make it more creative with graphics and features. It can surely increase the download rate by 25%. 

With all this, we can conclude that you can make use of these techniques to perform app store optimization for your application. This will help you in better achieving your goals and can avail more visibility to your app. If you wish to start from trash and looking to hire mobile app developers then you can contact Appentus technologies. We will help you to turn your idea into reality with the best development practices.

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