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21 Best App Ideas For Startups

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Mobile app development technology is one of the prominent markets which offers a great source to increase revenue for your business. The world of business has been completely transformed with the advent of mobile apps. If you are looking for the best app ideas for your business startup then we can help you out in this. We have listed here some top 21 best app ideas in 2019. So if you are looking to develop an app for your business then go through these ideas to better understand the terminology of the market.

List Of Top Mobile App Ideas In 2019

  1. Taxation: It will be one of the best solutions that you can provide to people as it will help them to understand what amount they are paying as tax by regular managing their expenses and income. The tax/invoice app will provide a convenient medium to manage their business transactions.
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  3. Food Delivery: With the growing demand for on-demand apps, the food delivery will be top on the list of best trending app ideas in 2019. People always seek to get their food at a low delivery price whether its food or anything. You can make an app for your locality to provide delivery services at a low price initially to get a huge user base.
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  5. Reserve Table: It can be one of the unique and creative startup ideas that can help you to grow your business. It will provide a convenient way for the users to book a table without any hassle in their favorite restaurants for their meetings or sudden plans.
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  7. Health Appointment: With this great app, you don’t need to get worried about your regular checkups or special appointments with your doctor. It will automatically reserve your appointment with your doctor by sending him a message and it will also notify you about the status of the appointment. You will not be required to set a reminder anymore for your regular health checkup.
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  9. Gift Delivery: In this busy schedule life, people might don’t get enough time to go to the gift shops and get gifts for their special ones. You can build an app that can provide them a convenient way to deliver a gift by providing the recipient address and the desired gift item. This can be one of the best mobile app ideas in 2019.
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  11. Goods Delivery: It will be one of the useful apps that can help users to get an empty vehicle to carry their goods if they are shifting places or relocating from one city to another. This will be one of the promising ideas for a startup that you can think about. It will have a great audience as the demand for moving goods will always remain the same.
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  13. Cook: This will be an intelligent app idea that will be loved by most of the users for sure. You can create a cooking app that will ask users for the available ingredients they have and then it will suggest to them the best possible and delicious thing they can make from it. This will make cooking easier with the available things only.
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  15. Dating App: The trend of the dating app is kinda huge these days as people always seek to get their soulmates. This will be a unique one as this dating app will offer end-to-end services from dating to marriage. It will allow users to rank their friends by commenting on things like attractive, normal, would date, etc. and if they both will do the same it will be a match. This app will help them to grow their relationship.
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  17. Police Alert: Think of having an app that can help people to inform the police about any crime happening? Great right! A police alert app will have a database of all the wanted criminals and activities that will be updated by the users and professionals. Hence if the user gets to come across through any of them he can press the alert button to inform the police with a location.
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  19. Surveillance App: Most of the people have security cameras at their homes and shops to have a look at the on-going activities. Building a security control app can be one of the best app ideas for your business startup. It will help them to monitor the footage through their smartphones along with features to reply to someone at the door. It will be a unique mobile app development solution that can be implemented with the IoT approach.
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  21. Home Designer: Hiring an interior designer can be costly and you might not get what you desired as well. So an interior designing app will help you to make changes according to your like. It will suggest you the best available options for colors, curtains, etc. to make your home a beautiful place. With the growing demand for these apps, it has become a trending app idea in 2019.
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  23. Reader App: This app will keep the records of the data you have written on paper sometimes that will be needed in the future. So it will read the numbers and letters written over the paper to remind you about it in the future when you need it.
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  25. Music: This will be a one-stop platform for bands and beginners to looks for team members or musicians. It can also provide them a list of gigs to get some boost in the beginning.
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  27. Social Hub: this will be a time-saving app idea where all the news feeds of your social media accounts will be integrated to provide updates of facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. together.
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  29. Disaster Alert: you might have to suddenly cancel your plans because of any natural disaster or calamity. A disaster alert app will help you to get prior information about any disaster in your area. Along with this, it will also help you to save yourself from hazardous activity.
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  31. Party Invites: Party invites can be creative New Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2019 as sometimes people think of throwing a party immediately and may forget to invites some people in a hurry. This app will offer them an easy to use the feature to send immediate invites to the people in their contact list. They can also merge their social accounts to get a list of all their friends.
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  33. Business Tricks: This will be an offline platform that will help the user to make a strong decision in their business. It will offer smart techniques and strategies to run a successful business.
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  35. Digital Receipt: This will provide a convenient way for the consumers to manage the receipts of their purchases. Along with this, it will also reduce the consumption of pages by offering retailers to send receipts over the email or texts.
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  37. Tutor: Tutor app can be one of the best mobile app ideas in 2019. It will allow users to look for a good tutor in their locality. The app will offer an easy to use interface to choose teachers with the desired subjects.
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  39. Original Detection: It can be a unique mobile app development solution that will allow users to detect whether the product they are looking to buy is original or not. It will help them to make a perfect choice along with an increase in profits.
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  41. Life Hacks: This app will help users to manage their daily tasks with tricks and tips. It will help them to achieve daily tasks like knotting a tie, plumbing, repairing fan, etc. 

Hence you will have a great range of ideas to draw your business with great performance and productivity. We have mentioned above Best App Ideas for Your Business Startup that can help you to grow your business exponentially. If you are looking to grow your business and need some assistance then you can contact Appentus technologies. 

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