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6 Reasons Why A Bad UI/UX Can Kill Your App

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The way of operating business has completely changed with the advent of app development technology. Smart devices have made it the most convenient way to shop anything online for the user and to boost the productivity of business for enterprises. But there are still flaws in this process that might cause a bad user experience. Application designed with a good UI/UX design can have a great impact on the performance of your app. We have discussed below some of the reasons how a bad UI/UX can kill your app.

Reasons that Lead to Bad User Experience:

App Reloading Time: An app with bad UI/UX will take more time to load and your customers aren't gonna like it for sure. Bad interface design can affect the user engagement of your app as no one likes to use an app that takes ages to load. The page reloading time is directly proportional to the bounce rate of the users of the app. It has been reported that if the reload time of an app increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the probability of bounce rate increases to 32% and at 6-second it will be around 106%. Hence improve the app reloading speed to improve the user experience.

Complex Designing: Sometimes the designer and developer may build the mobile app design with multiple features to make it more unique and intuitive. They might this the user will like these features and think that it might be a new kind in its type. This is the reason these amateurs developers may add irrelevant features to the app to make it look interesting. But they won’t understand that this can result in a bad user experience as the user might not even able to understand these features properly. These unnecessary features will make it more complex for them to use the app and hence lowers the user engagement with the app. The key to having an optimized development solution is to make it simple and unique.

Hard to Navigate: The mobile app user interface needs to be organized perfectly to allow the user to easily browse through your services and products. You need an expert to build an app with good UI/UX design to make it more user-friendly and easy to use. People who shop online always wished to have an organized manner as one of the reasons behind people shop online is because people don’t want to go through the rack of products to get what they want. E-commerce platform makes it easier to get what they want. A hard to navigate app can also lead the user to uninstall the app because it might frustrate them.

Abandon User Access: One more basic reason that can lead to bad interface design is not allowing users to access the images thoroughly. You might lose multiple users because of this as if you are an online service provider then you must need to know that people always seek to get all the information about the product in detail before ordering it online. Hence you need to allows users to look closely through all the images of the product they are looking for. If your app will not allow users to zoom in through the pictures than it can lead to a great loss in the revenue because people might not get sure about buying the product.

Movable Content: If you have content that cannot make users navigate through other pages of your app or website then you are losing a bunch of customers daily. Along with app development, you have to host an optimized content on your app to make the user move through your content smoothly. Building an engaging and easy to use design will help you to entice the user and to make a healthy relation with them. This will be going to affect your monthly revenue sheets. This can be achieved more creatively. You can hire professional photographers and models to have a great stock of photos that users can relate to. This can have a great impact on the mobile app user interface.

Hard to Communicate: It can be one of the primary reasons for the user to vanish your app from their device as if the people will not have easy access to your contact information might irritate them if they want to get any service from you. It will make an impression of yours that you don't care about your customers and might affect your apps trustworthiness. To make it easier for the user to communicate their problems with you, you can build an user-centric mobile app design that can appear to be more concerned about their users.

However, an intuitive user interface can help you in improving the user experience and can lead to a good ROI. If you already have a mobile app then make sure you are not making such mistakes. unless, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that can build an intuitive mobile app user interface then you can connect with Appentus technologies.

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