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Top 7 Myths about WordPress Website Development you need to Know

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WordPress is one of the hottest tools for building a website for every web developer in the market. It is the first platform that comes to the mind of web developers when they think of building a website for their client.

However, in spite of being one of the most popular web builders in the web development world, a range of common WordPress myths have been circulating on the internet.

WordPress has a superb name, their square measure those that create negative assumptions regarding its quality and options.

Some individuals believe that it’s not secure, whereas others can tell you it’s troublesome to use.

Nevertheless, a couple of people’s opinion cannot be considered as fact.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to introduce 7 common WordPress myths and discuss their origins.

          1. Only for Bloggers

It was the 1st and foremost blogging platform. Its style and first options were created with the wants of bloggers in mind, though even then it had been conjointly used for a range of various varieties of website.

Today, it’s not primarily a blogging tool. Of course, WordPress continues to be wont to produce blogs.

However, it’s conjointly used for business sites, portfolios. WordPress may be a powerful web site builder which will be wont to build nearly any reasonably web site thinkable. Mobile app development is additionally a part of it. It powers all the websites on the net, and a huge range of those websites don't seem to simply blog.

         2. Only for Smaller Sites

In a way, this story is an associate degree extension of the previous one. It stems from the very fact that almost all of the platform’s original adopters used it to form fairly straightforward personal blogs.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon to listen to individuals say that WordPress isn’t ‘scalable’. If you want to form a high traffic website, come out a thriving online store, or develop another formidable website, you oughtn't to worry. WordPress is going to be ready to continue together with your site’s growing wants simply fine.

        3. Security Statement

If you listen to the news on the most recent security threats and hacks, it’s not uncommon to visualize stories that involve WordPress. There have conjointly been a number of highly-publicized attacks that have targeted WordPress sites.

WordPress is incredibly secure, and this is often one among the explanations for its quality. Several app development companies also are supporting their operation as a result of their serving right material. WordPress is extraordinarily versatile, and its security is often additionally reinforced by taking a number of additional steps.

        4. Similar Look of all WordPress Site

This WordPress myths on our list may be completely different. That’s as a result of it’s a belief a lot of typical command by those that square measure is somewhat conversant in WordPress. WordPress uses themes that management the visual look of any WordPress supercharged web site, and their square measure thousands of WordPress themes out there.

All sites appearance completely different and android app development sites even have different look. WordPress makes it simple to form a website that's clearly different from the other engineered victimization a similar platform.

         5. Only for Beginners

WordPress is simply chosen by the beginners for the event of the web site as a result of its terrible straightforwardness to wear down. WordPress is absolutely appropriate for beginner level users.

However, the older and also the skilled developers favor moving with WordPress, because of its flexibility. The great half is that they will produce their net sites while not learning any programming or web style skills.

For developers, WordPress provides nice flexibility to increase the software system with custom code.

           6. Not sure Future

WordPress doesn't seem to be impactful to draw in the shoppers to the web site. Many of us believe the parable that the longer term of WordPress isn't clear, and it may simply suddenly disappear.

If a mobile app developer employed for net development is virtuoso enough, he will create the simplest use of diverse themes out there on WordPress. It will deliver you a powerful web site which might pull a crowd of tourists to your web site. It consists of a whole lot and thousands of individuals from everywhere the planet.

          7. High Price and Troublesome Use

This may be the foremost inaccurate of all WordPress myths. It’s apprehensible that some individuals believe WordPress may be a troublesome platform. And if we talk about price so how much does it cost to make an app? It’s very not that much expensive.

All in all, WordPress was designed from the beginning to be beginner-friendly. Bear in mind that it had been originally meant to assist individuals to produce straightforward blogs.

Nevertheless, WordPress continues to be straightforward enough for anyone to use and not so expensive.

And if you check with any app cost calculator out there you will only find that the development cost is not that significant in comparison to the features and functionalities of this excellent development tool.

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