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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like A Big Basket?

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Whether its women or men, everyone loves shopping but females possess an amazing skill that allows them to grab the best thing at best price and when it comes to grocery shopping they make sure that they always have every single thing in their households. Hence a Big Basket is helping them to make it true. Big Basket is India's largest on-demand grocery delivery app business that holds multiple goods including, food, vegetables, grocery, etc. Recent surveys have also stated that people love to shop online and the growing number of users are attracting the entrepreneurs to dive in mobile app development sector. This is because the app development cost for applications like Online Grocery store is raising the high bar. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like A Big Basket?

Well, mobile app development can’t be just estimated based on the type of application you are looking to develop. It needs to evaluate various factors and features of the app in order to get the final price tag of the application. There are tools like App cost calculator that can evaluate an estimate of the app development cost but developing an app like the big basket isn’t everyone's cup of tea. You need to connect with an expert app development company as developing an effective application with the required features and functionalities can be a complex task.
The development cost for an application like big basket will vary based on various factors that include the platform you will pick, designing, feature complexity, and developers. However, we have estimated an average mobile app development cost for big basket alike application that is $10,000 to $30,000 based on the platform. We have discusses some fundamental factors that influence the development cost for an application.

  • Platform: The App Development Cost will vary highly based on the available platform. The android platform will eventually cost higher than IoS because of its slow emulators and it needs to be tested on more devices then Ios. however, the performance of Ios applications is better than Android so you have to make sure to pick the best platform for effective and worthy development. The best way to reduce the development cost is to make use of the best development practice and have an effective roadmap for development. 
  • Basic Features: Mobile app development cost for any application can be estimated based on the features and the complexity of the application. Cost evaluated using the app cost calculator can be reduced to half by prioritizing the core features you need to integrate. Apart from this to develop a big basket alike application you need to integrate some basic features that include the cart item, reviews, order history, ratings, etc. that indulge the development cost depending upon the time it will take to be developed. 
  • Developers: As mentioned above, the development of an application like Big Basket needs an expert app development company that can offer effective and everlasting development. You have to pick the best development team that has a good experience and expertise in this field as they know the shortcomings in this market and can help you in optimizing the app development cost. 
  • Advanced Features: Along with the basic features, advanced features like geolocation, data sync, push notification, OTP evaluation, etc will be needed and they will eventually affect the app development cost as they will require additional efforts and money. These features can’t even avoid because for effective development and processing for big basket aloke application you need to integrate these features. 
  • Application Size: The mobile app development requires the integration of various technologies and features that affect the application size. The size of the application will affect the development cost of an application like a big basket. With proper optimization and strategy, the application size can be controlled.
  • Application Design: The design of an application helps in engaging customers and for lead conversion. For an app like a big basket, it can be very complex as you will require multiple screens and features that will eventually grow the mobile app development cost.
  • Position Tracking: To offer consumers and marketers better availability of the goods and the products, position tracking features introduced in bigbasket alike applications. It allows marketers and consumers to estimate the delivery date of the product. You can consult with your app development company for the integration of more smart features like this. 

Hence it can be estimated that the development cost for an application like a big basket has to be evaluated based on these fundamental factors and an app development company can help you in cost optimization by making use of the best development practices.

If you wish to hire mobile app developers then you can take us on board. At Appentus we offer to develop advanced applications with everlasting performance. 

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