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Accelerate Mobile App Development with IOT

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Smartphones and mobile applications have been tremendously dominating the IT market for the last few years. Apps have made our lives incredibly easy lately. For this reason, every mobile application development company in the market has started integrating the most modern technology in its development process.

The emerging technology called the Internet of Things has brought a revolution in android application development recently. Integration of IoT in iOS app development has provided the comfort of controlling various physical devices to the users through their mobile phone. Well, to see how IoT has accelerated mobile app development, let’s first understand this trending technology.


IoT is referred to as a network of assorted physical devices which encompass embedded technology inside them. This technology enables them to communicate and interact with each other. Moreover, this network of devices includes home and office appliances, light fixtures, smoke alarms, and smart gadgets etc.

Due to ease and diversity in use, IoT is becoming increasingly popular technology nowadays which eventually rising the demand for consolidating such technology in mobile application. So, let’s have a look at how IoT has affected mobile application development.

  • Increased Demand for Mobile Apps

The futuristic technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning are being incorporated in the mobile applications nowadays which has eventually increased the average amount of time spent by a user on his smartphone. Due to this increased user engagement with mobile, every iPhone app development company in the market has started developing more and more applications to enhance their target customer base.

  • Shortened App Development Time and Cost

IoT has helped app developers in integrating several features into an app in a cost-effective manner. IoT helps in making the app interactive and adding innovative features without increasing the development cost. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for a developer to make a feature-rich application. However, due to the machine internet interaction nature, IoT is aiding developers in making an app in much less time. Developers are utilizing this saved time into building a new app and improving the existing ones.

  • Better Efficiency

There is no doubt in it that IoT has improved the overall app efficiency and resource utilization because users can control multiple devices with a single IoT interface. Users can manage the entire IoT network of their office or home by using smartphones. This remote access method of IoT based apps is impressing the business client worldwide and clients are demanding something like this from app development companies. Therefore, all the mobile app development companies are shifting their focus on building IoT friendly mobile applications.

  • Greater Security

The extreme interconnectedness and constant data sharing of physical devices also concern the app developers about privacy and security. When we have all of our gadgets on a connected network and control them with a smartphone, on one hand, it provides the comfort while on the other hand, it opens up the possibility of hacking the whole network as well. However, IoT help improves the overall app security by being a first entry point of devices network which is hard to penetrate by any hacker.

With the rapidly growing IoT trends, the future of mobile apps is going to be full of challenges and opportunities. It is time for every PHP development company in USA to allocate a major component of their overall team in the development of IoT based mobile applications. By integrating IoT into the mobile app development as per the client’s requirement companies can target profitable niches in the market.

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