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Alexa Tool can help in Cardiac Arrest by Listening to your Breath

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Research has claimed that over 4,00,000 people in the U.S. experience Cardiac arrest every year among which only 6% get the proper treatment at the time and survives. This makes it the main cause of Natural Deaths. This rate can be improved if one can avail immediate rescue or can get help Quickly just before the attack.

Keeping the early rescue scenario in mind, researchers have developed a tool in Amazon Alexa, which will listen to your breath and will determine the early signs of cardiac arrest to avail rescue for the person. This tool can be integrated with Smartphones and speakers which have a microphone to detect the signs of an attack and will call for the rescue. This can surely improve the survival rate.

Technology has been always bringing solutions, which can serve mankind better and this can be concluded as one of the best innovation in Healthtech. Healthtech deals with improving medical conditions of users by serving the best services it could. This technology will lead to reducing the chances of cardiac arrest to be slightly half and will get more possibilities in the future to serve in a more better way.

Agonal breathing is observed when a person is struggling with breathing. Researchers at Washington University uses machine Learning Technology to determine this sound in breathing. it will identify the gasping sound of the person and will make a call on his behalf to get the team for rescue. Technology has got some much-advanced features and tools that it can avail the services fasters than a human could and Amazon have made this possible for the people to develop such a lifesaver technology.

Before introducing this in Amazon Alexa, researchers have trained this system perfectly. They have used more than 800 clips of Agonal breathing which is cumulated as 82 hours in total to train the system. Along with this, they have also used other sound which might be also hearable in the room like snoring, or any other noises to reduce false results.

To improve the accuracy of the system, researchers have used two different sounds. One was of 35 volunteers who have participated in a sleep contest and one of 12 patients who were suffering from snoring and apnea. They have created their research that it somehow sounds similar to Agonal breathing so they have also made the system tried to this to get the best out of this healthtech. After evaluating all the results analysis have claimed that the system can identify 97% accurate results from a 20 feet distance.

This technology has been introduced in npj Digital medicine but it will still take many years to get available for the public as there are still lots of things and research needs to be made to make it a successful approach. One more feature which can make it more accurate and can help in improve the performance can be a 15-20 second warning alert for the user to decline the call if its a false assumption.

Here’s a list where Amazon Alexa Can Be Used:

  • Hospitals: This healthtech tool can be used in hospitals. There might be possibilities for the availability of the doctors every time. It can avail the authorities immediately if there is an emergency for a patient. It can be kept in different wards where people who are suffering from heart disease reside. As it is one of the main cause of Cardiac Arrest.

Home: For availability of health officials this technology is best suited for bedrooms. Many cases have been observed where people lost their lives in their home as no one was available for the rescue. This Amazon tool can be used in bedrooms to avail more possibilities.

  • Business premises: It can be placed in officials and business premises to avail a healthy life for your employees. Amazon Alexa can be used for many other purposes in a business official also communication, research, controlling, etc. it can get its best use here.

However, this technology still needs some more changes to be developed completely. Keeping various questions and scenarios in mind it requires more research panels and authorities to get their focus upon.

It still has a question about the privacy and the other noises which could be available in the room.

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