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Top 11 iOS 13 Features that will Amaze Mobile App Developers in 2019

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Since last many years, Apple is organizing its WWDC in the month of June. That's why this month of the year becomes the most exciting for iPhone app developers. In its keynote apple has confirmed about various technologies which will be introduced in the WWDC 2019 which includes IOS 13, Mac Pro, and Pro Display XDR along with various features which will create a tremendous effect in the upcoming days on the iPhone app development industry.

IOS 13 has been introduced this year in the WWDC with more advanced feature like core ML2, AI-based Siri, etc. to make it more effective for users. This will bring a new dawn in the industry with more user-friendly and secured apps. Without wasting time let's have a look at what is new in IOS 13.

IOS 13 features:

  • Multiple User Account: if you share your device with others and it always keeps you worried about your privacy then Apple has come up with a solution for this. IOS 13 features include the creation of multiple user accounts to protect users privacy. With this, you can create your personal account to keep your belongings private from other users.
  • Dark Mode: In the WWDC 2019, Apple has launched the most demanding features by user. In the latest version of IOS, initially, it will work on Ipad and phones. The key features of this mode will bring better night vision with less battery. So this will solve the most reported problem by iPhone users.this will help to boost up the performance of your device.
  • Merge OS for Mac and iPhone:  For iPhone app developer this will be like a cherry on the top situation. Apple was working for very long to create a cross-platform feature for users. With the release of Ios 13, Apple has unveiled its new feature with merge IOS and MacOS. it doesn’t mean that a single app will work on both the platform. It will create the same user experience on both the platforms which will help the developers to scale the app on both the platforms.
  • AI-Based Siri: Among one of the amazing Ios 13 features include advanced Siri. Apple has introduced AI technology with Siri. This will bring some new shortcuts to the Siri. if a user is unable to accept the call and he is declining the call, then Siri will come in attack and will send a message to the caller with the detail about the reason of declining.
  • Contact App: Apple has introduced the latest feature in the IOS 13, which will help you get the details of your contact. You can check their operating status, where they are and are they available for communication. Apple has filed a patent for this feature to make it available for the user to check the availability of the contacts.
  • Apple Health: With the new release, Apple health will come with more features like how loud you listen to music and will offer better tracking of the menstrual period. This will bring new possibilities in the iPhone app development industry.
  • Smart Wi-Fi: Just like advance Siri, Apple has also launched smart Wi-fi, which will automatically connect to the available known networks. It will prioritize the strong connection and will remember the location of the known networks. These features are introduced in the Ios 13.
  • Smart Emoji Search:  Users are reporting various issues regarding Emoji in the iPhone and iPhone app developers are working since very long for creating a better Emoji Search. Ios 13 features will include a smart emoji search which will create a better search
  • Advanced Photo Tools: Apple has created a better way to view the album with more organized forms of photos and videos by removing the clutter of similar images. With the help of ML, it has become possible in Ios 13. With more advanced tools, it has introduced smart editing features with a single swipe user can enhance the portrait of the image.
  • New Map Experience: Apple maps always deliver a better experience to the user. With the new release, maps will show some more precise results including the address, pedestrian data, and broader landcover area.this has been introduced in some cities and will be available in all other countries till 2020.
  • Apple Pay: Now it will be easier for iPhone app developers to integrate the apple pay with apps in ios 13. Apple pay was released in 2014 and by 2020 it has predicted a 200 % increase in the transaction.

So these were the top Ios 13 features which have been revealed by Apple in the WWDC 2019. This will bring more possibilities for the developers in the upcoming years.

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