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How Much Does It Cost to Make an Android and iOS Application in 2020

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Are you planning to launch a mobile application for your fast-growing startup?

Or you are thinking to bring one of the great ideas of yours into the form of a mobile app.

Well, if you are planning something like this then get ready to face some of the great challenges of the app development industry.

Because developing a mobile application is not as easy as most of the people think, as day by day demand for complex and features rich apps are increasing. And in such a competitive market finding the best android app development or iOS app development company is a very tedious job.

Moreover, the biggest concern for app developers is the cost of a mobile app. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with some of the major factors which play a vital role in the overall cost of a mobile application.

  • Pre-Development Process

The pre-app development process consists of activities like market research, competitive analysis, and strategy building, etc. Such types of operations are required to ensure the profitability of your app idea.

Consequently, it is necessary for an iPhone app development company to take this into consideration before deciding the full development budget.

  • Application Platform

It goes without saying that the app platform that you are going to develop greatly affects the cost of application. The cost of an iOS application can be entirely different from its Android counterpart.

Moreover, the cost of app development for multiple platforms via native technology is higher than as compared to cross-platform technologies like React Native.

  • App Design & Complexity

If you use any app cost calculator to estimate the mobile app cost, you will notice that app cost is largely determined by its features and design. A customized mobile app will undoubtedly cost you higher than a standard mobile application.

In addition, the number of screens, application content, hardware components, and types of technology also affect the overall cost of the mobile application.

  • Development Strategy

The most important factor while developing an application is the choice of development strategies. Opting for the right development strategy will not only reduce the costs but it will also shorten the app development time to a great extent.

Therefore, in order to optimize the app cost and development time you need to build an excellent team of app developers and follow a proper road map of app development.

  • Post-App Development Activities

The costing of application does not halt just after the development. There are numerous other activities like app testing, app marketing, and app maintenance, etc. which share a significant percentage of overall development cost.

Other than that, a separate budget has to be allocated in taking end-users feedback regularly and fix the issues via subsequent updates.

All in all, it is pretty much clear with the aforementioned factors that the cost of application development depends upon lots of things. There are several other factors as well such as location, target market, size of teams, etc. which interfere with the development cost.

For this reason, getting an exact answer to how much does it cost to make an app is not that easy. In fact, how long will an app take to get developed can also not be decided perfectly? So, get in touch with some of the best app development companies and market leaders to get your app developed within the allocated budget and time.

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