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Google Expect a Longer Android App Review Process for Unknown Developers

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Initially, Google limited an application’s access to your SMS and Call Log details and now the company is making it tough for an android developer to get approval for his newly developed application.

The tech giant is going to increase the time that it spends on app review process whenever an unknown developer uploads an app on the play store.

Google announced this recent change because of the increased malicious android app development in the past couple of years. The company said that the number of malicious mobile applications have been uploaded on the play store that is a threat to the app user’s privacy and security.

For this reason, app rejections on the Google Play Store have been on the rise lately.

Moreover, the company suggested that a longer review process is implemented to help genuine mobile app development companies to stand out from the competition of malicious apps that makes its way in the play store.

Google also addressed the major concerns of the mobile app developers that are including the permission declaration forms they had to submit because Google takes too long to respond to the reviews and appeals.

In addition, app developers always expected from the tech giant to involve more humans in the decision-making process.

Therefore, Google promised app developers a more detailed communication, better information about appeals and putting more humans into the decision-making process. Hence, most of the best web development company has started expanding its portfolio to the app development work nowadays. And asking their developers to hone their app development skills.

The tech giant also said that “humans, not bots, already reviewing sensitive decision, however, we are improving our communication so responses are more personalized – and we are expanding our team to help accelerate the appeal process.

As a matter of fact, Google is already allowing developers to instantly appeal in the case when a developer account gets blocked and the unblock appeal is carefully by a member of the respective team.

All in all, Google only blocks accounts for serious and repeated violation of its policies. And make sure to prevent all the bad faith developers who try to bypass the company policy via opening a new account or using other developers’ accounts to publish the insecure and unsafe android application.

And consequently, to prevent such unauthorized and malicious developers the company doesn’t share the cause to conclude that two accounts are related.

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