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Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2019

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Mobile applications have become the best way for entrepreneurs and business owners to reach their targeted audience in less time which is resulting in the migration of various enterprises from websites to mobile applications. iOS and Android app development platforms have got various technologies and tools to provide better services, which has become a crucial part for the developer to opt for the best framework along with platform and development strategy.

Let us have a look at some of the most used javascript frameworks in 2019 used by developers for the development of both native and cross-platform apps.

Here we have listed the top Android App development Framework

  • Ionic

It is one of the leading app development framework for mobile apps. The main reason behind the immense popularity of this framework among android and iOS App development companies is that its free of cost. The development process integrates languages which include HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. This technology has advanced features and tools which help in developing applications supported in the latest mobile devices and offers final testing just before the launching of the application in the market.

  • React Native

This framework is introduced by the leading company, facebook which offers the development of cross-platform apps. Because of its advanced development tools and features, it has become the primary choice of the developers. It's an open-source platform allowing the development of apps for both android and Ios devices. It can be considered as one of the structured and optimized Android Framework that helps in developing  applications with various mobile development tools and mobile IDEs.


This framework is developed by one of the giant software development company Microsoft which is located in San Fransisco. With the proper knowledge of C# code and javascript developers can make use of this efficient framework. It can help in developing apps for platforms including Android, Ios, and Microsoft. It also allows sharing of codes and data using the Ios and windows platforms which helps in saving time for the developers and boosting the development process.

  • Adobe PhoneGap

If you are looking to develop a Hybrid app then Adobe PhoneGap can be the best choice. It allows the modification and alteration process with the ease in android app development. It offers Cross-platform app development technology by allowing the developers to use HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Along with this if offers development of apps without any hardware restrictions which makes it more easier for the developers and offering development of apps across all the operating system including Android and Ios.

  • Flutter

One of the leading Android Framework introduced by google that offers open-source app development platform and SDK. it supports Dart Language and allows the development of cross-platform apps. Which makes it the best choice for developing Hybrid apps. Apart from this, it uses the Skia technology to create visuals which is a 2D rendering tool. Flutter even makes the deployment process easier by making the alteration process faster without reloading the actual project if an error is found.

  • Corona SDK

It can be considered as ten times faster than the other development Android framework. Corona SDK supports Lua programming technology which offers faster and ease of usage and flexibility to develop apps. If you are looking to get the best method to develop apps without losing any of the features then you can go for Corona. It supports both Windows and Mac OS platforms offering an open-source platform for developers.

  • JQuery Mobile

One of the keen benefits of this framework is that it allows code reusability features. As it is an HTML based development framework, it offers the development of both mobile apps and websites on multiple platforms which include Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, etc. App development company can get this framework in two variants: One is a Customized framework or they can get a stable version. The demand for this framework is getting high for mobile app development with variations of plugins.

  • Intel XDK

Intel XDK supports advanced technologies like IoT and Node.js which offers more interactive and responsive mobile apps. It also supports cross-platform app development technology for multiple platforms. Android and iOS app development companies can make use of plugins along with this to create meaningful apps. Along with development, it helps in the deployment process which includes testing, debugging and emulation process.

  • Native Scripts

It has been reported as one of the best frameworks for the development of Hybrid apps. Telerik, an app development company located in Bulgaria developed this framework and offers video tutorials for better understanding the features and way to use tools. It supports the same APIs used by Xcode and android studio which makes the development of apps easier.

With the availability of multiple frameworks, it has become more confusing for the developer to pick the best one out of the rest. The framework plays a vital role in the development process of web and mobile applications and to pick the best one it is required to evaluate the need and requirement of the project by distinguishing the important factors and features.

Since 2018 many frameworks have been developed and introduced in the Ios and android app development community but these remain on the top priority list of the developers.

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