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Angular 8.0 has released What to Expect and how to upgrade

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If you were also eagerly waiting for this, then your wait is over. Google has released its latest version Angular 8.0 just a few days ago. People have high expectations with this update as Google has earlier made hype about the latest feature Ivy engine in Angular 8. This can be considered as the first major release by Google in 2019. Along with these various other angular 8 features makes it different from the previous versions. Typescript 3.4 makes it easier to operate and code. Google has claimed that this version will be lighter, easier and faster than the older versions. One can say this version is introduced to provide better performance results with quality services for user and Angular 8 development company.

Let's discuss the Angular 8 Features:

Updates TypeScript: Thinking to hire angular 8 developers then make sure he/she is able to work on TypeScript 3.4 or above version. As angular 8 works on TypeScript 3.4 or above versions only.

Ivy Engine: Google has introduced this latest rendering engine in angular 8. It serves with faster processing by introducing a new rendering pipeline. With the latest technology introduced, it will create small bundles which will help is faster and enhance processing, along with efficient incremental compilation. If you are looking to hire angular 8 developer then it won't be worth for now as Google has introduced only a preview version of ivy engine to get the feedback from the developer community. Since the update in the versions of angular many features have been changed, so after switching to ivy, it won't make many changes. It will reduce the size of bundles only you can use your apps like same as earlier.

Ivy Engine comes with the following characteristics:

  1. With small bundles, provides less compilation time.
  2. With more accuracy and efficiency to catch errors in the template at the build time, which will reduce error for the user.
  3. With the latest angular 8 features, it will provide backward compatibility.
  4. easier and understandable code.
  5. It will allow you to debug the templates, which will be the most amazing feature of angular 8.

Bazel Support: For Angular 8 Development Company, Google has introduced its existing build tool Bazel, as an open source platform. You will get this tool optional in Angular 8 as it is not totally ready for now, expecting to be introduced completely in angular 9.  You will get these benefits along with this tool:

  1. It will take less build time with your concurrent builds.
  2. This tool allows incremental build applications which will debug only the required code rather than the entire app.
  3. It allows ejecting the bazel file.

Differential Loading: This new feature in Angular 8 will target the browser and will generate the applications with the related js bundles and polyfills. Once it builds the application, we need to alter the browser list file. As the CLI build files for browsers which supports ES6 features. This file will be located in the root folder of the CLI project. You need to remove the " not keyword" from the last line and then this application will work for both the versions.

Router Mechanism:  Since the beginning angular supports lazy loading concept, with the string value of the loading module. With angular 8 features, a new mechanism has been introduced. The value before the (#) component represents the path and value after that signifies the class name of the module. It will introduce more performance stability to the applications.

No @Angular/Http: Since the angular 4, Google has introduced @angular/common/HTTP instead of @angular/HTTP. From Angular 8 it won't support @angular/HTTP so we have to make changes in the code. This will provide a more secure transmission over HTTP protocol.

Interactive Graphics Templates: Among from one of the amazing Angular 8 features include support of .SVG files as templates. You won't require to make any further changes in the configuration settings from now on.

How to upgrade to Angular 8:

Follow these steps to upgrade to angular 8 from your existing angular version.

  1. Install the TypeScript 3.4, as angular 8 works on it.
  2. Make sure to have node 12 or later to follow the installation process.
  3. Now run the execute command of Angular CLI "ng update @angular/CLI  @angular/core"

You can also check the progress of your update at

As of now, we have discussed some realistic features which have been introduced in Angular 8. Google is working on introducing the developed versions very earlier with more advanced features. It will create more opportunities for angular 8 development company with more performance improvements to create more apps.

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