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What is new in Apple Maps in iOS 13

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Apple has never failed to offer the best services to its users. With the latest update of iOS 13, many in-build features have gotten new looks and features. Where apple maps have got some serious changes to get more efficient results to the users. Since Apple had a very bad experience at the initial stage. when with the release of IOs 6, the google maps got replaced with Apple maps. At the fundamental stage, users were facing several issues with apple maps in terms of accuracy, stability, performance, etc. Developers worked hard for several years to make it better. Statistics have stated that IOS app developers are in more demand than android and the iOS 13 release will get them more opportunities in the year 2019.

Maps in Ios 13 has got a list of various features that will make it worth using than other mapping apps. It has got several changes which include better Look around the view, quick navigation to your frequent places with the favorite option and a collection feature to list your favorite Places. With these features integration of maps in the application can be also beneficial for a Mobile app development company.

Below we have discussed the latest trends and features introduced in Maps in Ios 13.

  • Redesigned Maps

Apple has used the app design deployed in IOS 12 with better accuracy and performance. In IOS 12 apple introduced maps based on the Apple-designed Maps engine, which created a better view of the objects in the path. iPhone app developers have worked on the maps to expand it to more states of the USA in 2019 and other countries in 2020. With the release, it will provide a detailed view of the objects and things like road, pools, pedestrians, etc. however it looks similar like it was in IOS 12, but soon with minor updates, it will observe changes which will introduce efficient results in future

  • Traffic Information

This feature can be counted as the best benefit for On-demand apps. They can evaluate the ETA based on traffic conditions and information. Earlier this information was available but it was not effective as one cannot estimate the traffic condition at a Glance. In iPhone App development, Integration of apple maps can make the On-demand services better.

  • Junction View

This feature has been introduced to overcome the wrong turns and directional misses mistakes, made by drivers, whenever an elevated turn comes. It will avail them in the correct path or lane before any turn. Maps in ios 13 have got some advanced features to enhance the user experience and to provide them better services.

  • AI-Based Siri

Later Siri was integrated to provide voice instructions for the drivers to navigate in the city. With the release of IOS 13 features, Siri has got AI functionality. Now it will provide easier instructions to follow. It will say “take a U-turn at the next traffic light” instead of saying “take a U-turn after 1000 meters”. This will make the navigation way easier for the drivers. The integration of Apple maps in mobile app development can be crucial for now as more updates are expected with the beta release.

  • Venue Navigations

For mobile apps that offer ticket bookings or event management services, this can be found useful to manage their traffic at a concert or an event. Apple maps have got improvised in providing endpoint destination whenever a larger venue is involved. iOS App development companies can make use of this feature to rule out the market.

  • ETA Sharing

A new feature has been rolled in the apple maps which allows you to share your ETA with your friends and family and it will change according to the estimation of time delay due to traffic conditions. iPhone app developers have been working on this since iOS 12.


  • Look Around

One of the best features of Maps in ios 13. It offers to have a look around your location or the location you are searching for. It will be available whenever there’s a pair of binoculars visible or you can also get the look around card in search options.

  • Collections

One can create a list of the places he might want to visit or he has visited already and can share among their friends and families too.

  • Favorite

This is the latest feature of apple maps which allows the user to add favorite places in a list where he/she visits frequently. It can be a restaurant or a coffee shop. And home and work locations will be added by default.

A Mobile app development company can make use of these features to get better results for their users and to enhance the performance of the apps. However many opportunities have been created with the release of IOS 13 for an iPhone app development company.

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