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Ar is Transforming the Identity of Businesses

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You are out for purchasing a nice sofa for your living room but at the store, you are unable to decide which one will go best as per the interior of your house. You wish that how awesome it would be if you could put every single sofa in your living room and then take a decision about which one to purchase?

Well, in this technological age it is all possible with the use of AR technology. Yes, you heard it right, whether it is trying out your favorite sofa for your home or trying out the best spectacles on your face, you can all do it with the use of augmented reality apps without even visiting the physical store. This emerging technology has changed the way businesses operate nowadays. As a matter of fact, mobile app development companies in the market has started embracing this technology to assist their biggest clients in business. In this article, we will see how AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies have transformed business organizations.

  • Better Products Demo

AR allows 3D modeling software to extend products demo from digital to the real world. Product managers can now create quick samples and view them into virtual reality technology to have a grasp of the space and dimensions so that they can improve the products accordingly.

  • Try before Buy

Displaying products to customers is one of the major challenges for the e-commerce industry. Most of the customers hesitate in purchasing anything before touching the products. AR can transform your shopping experience by giving you a virtual try of the products which you are planning to purchase. For this reason, various e-commerce giants are collaborating with AR app development companies to implement this technology in their products niche.

  • Simplify Complex Concepts

Cutthroat market competition plus growing expectations of customers have obliged companies to build very complex products in present time. And therefore, it is difficult for businesses to explain these products to the customers which in turn makes them difficult to sell. Nevertheless, AR is capable enough to simplify these complex products in such a way that people can understand. Moreover, AR apps can explain the products in a more engaging way as compare to classic explainer videos and images.

  • Improved Training

AR has completely transformed the way we learn nowadays because it provides us with real-world settings while learning which eventually stimulates our five senses and significantly increases our learning capability. The main thing about improved training is that AR engages people in the training whereas traditional training methods such as powerpoint presentations, PDF files generally fail to arouse an interest in the audience.

  • Replacement of User-Manuals

The time is not very far when traditional user manuals will become obsolete for learning about a product. AR glasses will provide simple, yet excellent text or video instructions for operating a product. Moreover, smartphone-enabled AR apps will allow you the best real-time instruction viewing experience in line with the user action.

On a final note, it can be said that the implementation of AR and AI technology can significantly impact the ways a customer uses any product or service. For this reason, we are going to see an exponential rise in AR applications amongst a variety of industries such as real estate, fashion, the automotive and retail market in the near future.

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