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Tell Your Brand Story With Augmented Reality Advertising

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Better engagement of customers leads to more sales and applying the best marketing strategy for your brand can enhance your customer engagement. Since the role of the advertisement has become necessary, companies have to be more creative and effective in order to lead in the market. With the growing competition in the market, companies are building more better ways to connect the audience and to let them know about their brand. Advertisements based on Augmented reality are getting fame among the brands. It offers better visuals and information which leads to better conversion of leads.

AR technology creates computer-generated visuals that seem like real-world entities. Since it has been available in most of the smartphones now AR has made its way in the Mobile app development too. Stats recorded by Deloitte has claimed that 90% of the companies in the US are running their ad campaign based on VR and AR technology. These companies have annual revenue between $100 million to $1 billion. Even companies with less revenue are also planning to dive in the market however 10% of them are using it already claimed by PURCH.

Building your marketing strategies and delivering it with AR technology can more effective and create better impacts for your brand. Here we have discussed the things to keep in mind while creating brand awareness with Augmented reality.

Ways to Plan your Brand Story With Augmented Reality

  • Make a Tempting Story

 For better engagement, you need to know the need of your audience and to get effective outcomes you need to have an engaging story for your audience. As you will have all the data you will be required, dig the best story out of data which can create effective imprints on the customer about your brand. A brand with offering app development services needs to look after its services and features to bring the best way to advertise. For example, you can take the tagline of Snickers candy bar “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, where a person will react differently based on their playlist and taste of music.

The Global leader of Partner solutions at Spotify, Danielle lee has referred this as a medium of storytelling in an interview. Data generated by users while listening to music at Spotify works as a tool for the developers and the advertisers. Integrating Augmented Reality with this can bring better possibilities and create more offering for the brand to engage the customers.

  • Bring Varieties with Storyline

Creating an effective storyline from the data can be beneficial but to achieve long term goals you need to make interactive changes. It can be very obvious that people can get used to your existing storyline very quickly. To maintain the engagement with your customers you need to add variety and element in your storyline to bring diversity. It can be better understand with the Wilderness Therapy site, introduced by Toyota. It offers a 360-degree view of its immense 4runner SUV. With the help of AR technology, it offers users to view the features of the vehicle in different environments and views. Developing a conflict about your brand can be beneficial in a positive way. Create a problem-solving strategy with your brand for the conflict and lead the limelight.

  • Story Delivery with Augmented Reality

With the advent of technologies in the advertisement sectors, creating videos and building stories can be way easier for marketers to engage with customers. But with the development of technologies, companies are looking for better ways to create interactive communication with the customers. AR technology is creating its footprints very rapidly in the advertisement sector and becoming the best way for the companies to create better engagements with their Audiences. CitrusBits, one of the top mobile app development company is specialized in the development of Augmented reality apps. It offers to create dynamic and engaging apps integrated with AR technology to make a stand in the market.

The more you dig into the data the more you will get to know about your audience. Once you are able to get to the best storyline then make use of the Augment reality to build a better marketing strategy for your brand. The best way to reach your audience is to know their needs. With the availability of various resources like web development and app development services, it has become way easier.

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