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The 17 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2019

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The World of mobile and web applications seems to be increasing the level of development with more advanced tools and features in the upcoming years. The technologists have been working really hard to have the best way out to reduce the development time and increase the performance of the app. One of the best ways they have brought out is the Hybrid App Development framework. It offers to develop Cross-platforms apps that can be deployed across various mobile platforms.

Today we have discussed the top 17 frameworks that can be utilized by a Hybrid app development company to build effective web and mobile applications.

Let us Discuss the top best Hybrid app development framework in 2019

  • Ionic:

Ionic can be counted as one of the fastest-growing frameworks in the development of Cross-platform apps. This has recently started getting popularity when developers started combining it with Angular JS which resulted in better and ease in the development process. It is one of the preferable frameworks because of its long list of features and predefined function along with a large hybrid app development community that is always ready to provide a solution.

  • React Native

With its rich features and faster development tools, React Native is at the lead position in the list of top hybrid app development frameworks 2019. It offers to build Cross-platform applications that lookalike Native Apps. with more than a thousand developers in this community, it encourages freshers to learn more and explore it.

  • Flutter

Flutter was introduced to support other languages in the backend process. It was designed in such a way that it can work across various platforms without replacing any of the languages. It offers to build UI’s with hot reload, CLI and VI editors which allow creating of widgets. Along with this, it has various other features that make it unique from other frameworks.

  • Xamarin:

Xamarin was founded and developed by Microsoft in the year 2011. It can be considered as one of the best tools for creating a Cross-platform app, as it offers developers to use the same code for a different operating system that includes Microsoft, android, IoS and many more. For a Hybrid app development company, it can be the best choice.

  • PhoneGap

One can easily have a good grip over this Hybrid app development framework if he/she has enough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It allows quick development by making use of the same code and Website development knowledges that are accepted across various mobile Operating System.

  • Framework 7

A Hybrid app development company can consider this framework to develop applications for both Android and iOS platforms. It is an HTML feature-rich framework that offers to develop a Framework 7 app development. It is available in various forms that can be used as per requirements and needs.

  • Mobile Angular UI

One of the easiest and smoothest platform to develop android and ios Applications. It's an open-source platform for developers. For the efficient development of the application, it is required to use the Angular Framework along with Bootstrap. Along with this, there are several other features that include, Scrollable areas, navbars, switches, etc. that help the developers.

  • Onsen UI

Onsen UI has recently introduced in the market but because of its rich HTML feature, it is able to compete most of the hybrid app development framework available in the market. It offers to build applications with HTML 5 and javascript. It can be integrated with other frameworks to develop fully-featured apps.

  • Corona SDK

It offers to develop cross-platform apps for domains that include gamin, education sector, etc. it makes use of the Lua, which is a scripting language for real-time testing which offers 4x faster processing.

  • JQuery Mobile

A hybrid app development company can build web applications with this framework. It offers to build responsive websites that can be accessed on all the digital devices. Both the JQuery and JQuery UI are integrated to build API for mobile web applications.

  • Intell XDK

Intell XDK has been making easier for the developers to build websites and applications on various platforms. It makes use of HTML 5, javascript, CSS to build applications along with this it can be integrated with Adobe Phonegap or Cordova CLI to build Native apps.

  • Native Scripts

It can be better understood with Applications without web views. Native scripts offer to build Cross-platform apps for both android and Ios platforms. To build Native UI make use of the angular and typescript modern javascript framework. It allows code reusability and 100% access to native API’s.

  • Appcelerator Titanium

One of the leading hybrid app development frameworks for developing mobile, desktop and tablet applications using web technologies. Titanium studio, android XDK, and XCode are the three development tools integrated with JS for the development of fully-featured mobile applications.

  • Sencha Touch

Sencha Java and Sencha Javascript frameworks offer to build web applications faster that looks great and requires fewer efforts. It consists of more than 115 components that can be integrated with React and angular to build High-performance apps.

  • Kendo UI

A hybrid app development company can make use of this highly featured framework to develop modern applications. It’s and Open-source platform that offers to build applications with HTML 5 and Javascript. Around 40+ widgets that can be styled using the CSS and the optimized animations that can be used for better virtualization.

  • MobinCube

Mobincube can be considered as a platform that doesn’t require knowledge of any programming languages to build mobile and web applications. It allows users to build applications by customizing the available features and widgets and also offers to publish applications on Apple App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play store.

  • QT

Qt has a smart way to remove redundancy. It offers to develop cross-platform apps that will be written once and can be deployed across various platforms. It consists partly of c++ and native code. One key feature of this framework is that it wraps Native UI Components.

For a Hybrid app development company, opting for the best app development framework can be a tough choice as there are multiple app development frameworks available in the market. One can make a great choice by analyzing the requirement of the project and selecting the Hybrid app development framework based on that analysis.

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