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Blockchain Trends 2019: In-Depth Industry & Ecosystem Analysis

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Since recent years there has been a continuity in the blockchain development technology. It holds various new technology which makes it unique from other available frameworks. Regulators have been introduced last year and the buzz seems to continue this year even with further development in this market. The key feature of this technology offers secure transaction and record-keeping technology for enterprises that deal with the crypto-currency exchange market.

Since the advent of regulators in 2018, some people have started compressing ICO projects and started looking for better frameworks. Here we have discussed the developments expected in the Blockchain.

Listed some of the latest trends in 2019 to be expected in Blockchain:

  • BaaS(Blockchain as a service)

Entrepreneurs and developers are always looking to create and maintain their own blockchain solution but it is not feasible all the time. The blockchain development community has offered BlockChain as a service to the customer to build and host their own blockchain maintain the services a cloud-based service is introduced which helps to keep the necessary task and activities with the best practice. BaaS service is assumed to boost the development of blockchains apps in the business and seems to offer many opportunities for developers to explore this.

  • Security Tokens

Security token has been introduced in the year 2018 and had been the most interesting topic since the Utility token market saw some real damage in the market. Since the introduction of institutional investors are expected to enter the scene but they haven’t which eventually affected the market. Digital asset exchanges had played a key role in the immense popularity of security tokens. Crypto-currency exchange platforms are seeking to for security tokens. There are various digital platforms established like Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, the Swiss stock exchange which seems to believe that the market will get to its place till the end of 2019. They have also expected to get new projects in 2019 and seems to be working in early 2020.

  • Crypto to Digital Assets

Investors have become aware of the global slowdown this year and they have started investing in alternative asset classes for better development.the security tokens have better possibilities for tokenization as it helps to develop assets with proper functionality which keeps the cryptocurrency development platforms more optimized. You can consider Healthy small-medium enterprises and real estate apps which can create better returns but have less access than other applications. If they have opened up it to global investors it can surely help them to extend their scale of business. The globally listed companies have significant growth in the market because of less access in the market and reported to over 90% of the apps.

  • Digital Asset Services by financial Institutions

With the immense popularity of Cryptocurrency exchange apps, financial institutes have shown their interest in this market. This seems to be started last year and has better possibilities to be getting higher in 2019. Since managing your own digital asset can be tough for some people as they have to maintain their statistics on their own but it can be beneficial in Blockchain development. However, many people are looking for the latest Blockchain use cases, while some people are still interested in the Cryptocurrency market as they have seen major growth in this market last year.

  • Interoperability between Blockchains

With the advent of the latest technology in the market, new networking solutions are coming up which has impacted the speed, networking and Use Cases. Interoperability feature in introduced to improve the networking which allows better and useful sharing of data. In the etherenum app development scenario, it has become easier to transfer information from EOS to Etherenum Blockchain. It has improved the Cross-chain platform which offers better blockchain interoperability and makes it better for practical usage in regular life. It has been expected that in later 2019, there will be more advancement in the technology that rides the Blockchain development platform.

  • UX Development and Scalability

The blockchain community is looking to offer better scalability features to improve the performance of the framework. Crypto-currency exchange applications have more complexity than other application which makes the scalability and performance a major issue in the development process. In 2019, some major innovations and latest technologies are expected to be introduced which includes sidechains, or innovative platforms which will lead to release some pressure in cryptocurrency development. There are more advanced platforms will be introduced to create much better responsive designs than earlier.

  • Hybrid Blockchains

For better functionality of Publick and private blockchain, it can be expected that hybrid blockchain will have greater possibilities. During the development of the etherenum app, hybrid blockchain can offer better customization features determining the characteristics of the blockchain development which includes transparency, integrity, and security. Here are some of the common hybrid blockchain use cases which include IoT(internet of things), banking supply chain, etc.

  • Federated Blockchain

Federated blockchain can be also expected this year because of its better customization feature in private blockchain. In Cryptocurrency development, it works similarly like private blockchain with one difference that it can be monitored from multiple authorities and can pre-select nodes. Once the nodes are selected then the group of authorities will validate the transaction. Insurance claims, financial services, supply-chain management are some of the use cases of federated blockchain.

In the year 2019, the blockchain development community has a lot to offer better functionality and development of the applications.

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