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Step by Step guide to Build your First Mobile App

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Necessity is the mother of invention:

People are always looking for a better way, which can be easier and better than earlier. If you have an innovative idea, which can bring some drastic change then you can think of a mobile app for it. Mobile apps have created a wide market with creating its impressions over various domains like entertainment, healthcare, travel, etc. people are also appreciating the efforts.

If you have an idea which can bring some change in the market but not sure about where and how to start then you can follow this step by step guide to build your first mobile app.

If you are not much comfortable with the technical term than depending upon the interface required you can make a deal with Android App Development and iOS app development companies to develop an app for you.

The guide followed by Mobile App Development Companies:

  • Problem Statement: Begin your project with a problem statement which your app is going to resolve. This will help you to define the purpose and goal of your app. You can create statements like what your app is going to do? What will be the main functionality of your app? How it will process the data? etc. App Developers use these statements to optimize the features of the app which will be helpful in reducing the app development cost.
  • Develop a Rough Sketch: Once you have a clear vision about your idea then make a rough sketch of your app to create a visual. This will help you to create a structure of your app by determining the necessary features and interface required. If you will be required to hire a Mobile app development company to build the app then these sketches will be helpful to follow up the process.
  • Research: To make it an effective approach you need to make research which will focus on your competitors, requirements and the method of marketing. There are millions of apps in the market and there is 100% possibility that there will be some apps which might serve the same purpose you are thinking about. You have to make a comparison between your project and the competitors to extract the key features and mistakes of your competitors. This will lead you to create something more innovative than the earlier approach.

Once you are able to resolve this then use your contacts if you have and consult with some app developers to fix the design of your app. With the flow of the process, determine the technical requirements to assure the stability of the app in the market. You need to also consider the app development cost. It will vary according to the platform on which you will be building your app.

Make a  strategy to introduce your app in the market. Marketing and monetization of the app will play a major role to generate the revenue from your app. You can either use the ad-networks platform or you can charge the user to download the app depending upon the market size you have. Many Google apps generate their revenues using ad-Networks.

Once you will be done with the research you will be able to answer the following terms

  1. Similar apps in the market.
  2. Marketing and monetization of the app.
  3. Requirement of the app.
  4. Design of your app.
  • Create a Prototype: Most of the Mobile app development companies use various tools like Balsamiq, HotGloo, Moqups to create a wireframe of the app. These tools allow drag and drop features to create a graphic representation of the app. Along with this create a storyboard of the app to make a clear vision of the navigation of the app. You can also hire app developers to create a prototype for you.        
  • Design Back-End: Now determine the API’s, servers, etc. required and then create data diagrams which will be helpful for the developer to build the app. Make effective changes in the design for optimization to create variation in the app development cost.
  • Test your Prototype: To determine the flaws and mistakes you need to test your prototype. Ask your friends, family members or take help from experts to review the prototype and note their feedbacks. Make changes according to the feedback received. Make sure to have a precise prototype before leading to the development process as it is easier to make changes at the time of prototype building rather than at the time of the development process. Most of the mobile apps fail at the development process due to lack of attention at testing the prototype. 

Once you are satisfied with the prototype then you can lead to the development process. It will require a good hand in coding so if you are not familiar with it then make a deal with an app development company to develop the app for you. Once you have the app you can release it and apply your marketing strategy.

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