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Google Assistant comes to G Suite with Calendar Integration

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Google assistant is one of the most widely used products of Google. It was unveiled in 2016 and it is accessible on almost every major platform now from Android to Chrome OS to Google Home.

However, users on G Suite are not able to use it until now even after G Suite is a complete package of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. On the other hand integration of Google assistant could have benefited G Suite users in a significant manner.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, the tech giant Google recently announced for G Suite Google Assistant update. The latest G Suite update will allow users to use Google Assistant with the software package. Moreover, the company made an announcement in the official Google Cloud blog post that the integration of Google Assistant G Suit will start with the calendar app in the company’s enterprise platform.

Now let’s have a look at the features and benefits of this new Google calendar G Suite update.

Feature and Benefits of Google Assistant Integration with G Suite

  • If a user has synced Google calendar with G Suite account than he/she can get Google Assistant to set reminders of upcoming meetings and schedules.
  • The integration is cross-platform thus, it will work on mobile as well as on the desktop.
  • Users can now edit, update, and check the calendar using Google Assistant in their G Suite account.
  • The integration will work across all Google Assistant surfaces such as a car, Google home hub assistant displays, etc.
  • It will help you to get your work schedule hands free and conversational which will eventually enhance your work efficiency.
  • You can even send emails to your teammates via Gmail by commanding Google Assistant.
  • It is a dedicated enterprise feature for business as it will only allow integrating your work account calendar events, not the personal accounts calendar ones.
  • As of now, only calendar app is accessed by users however, in future multiple applications integration is expected by the company.

All in all, the launch of this awesome feature will help mobile app development professionals to work more efficiently and spend less time on repetitive tasks. In addition, the tech giant also announced several other G Suite quality upgrades for android app development companies such as drive metadata, hangout chats in Gmail, visitors sharing in the drive, and security automation, etc. So, make your professional life easy through voice instruction with this amazing digital assistant, available on G Suite.

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