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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Car, Bike Pool App like the Quick Ride?

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Everyone looks for a convenient ride to go to their office or anywhere else and having a pooled service of this will be best. Quick Ride, India’s leading car and bike pooling service app is providing this facility and gaining a good market in the cab booking domain. If you are wishing to develop a lookalike application like Quick ride then you might be wondering about the mobile app development cost or potential of this market. To help you out we have created a list with the best features and functionalities in the development process. You can use the app cost calculator to get an estimate of the development cost.

Features of Quick Ride App:
Mobile app development requires the integration of various features and functionalities that help in creating a complete package of the application. Since quick ride, the alike application needs multiple features to facilitate proper functionalities to the users to book a cab and bike so it will eventually upgrade the app development cost. We have discussed below some of the fundamental features required to develop a Quick ride alike application.

  • User Registration: To keep complete detail about the user's details you will be required the user registration feature to collect users' details. Determine the details required to discuss with the app development company to build the registration page. Create login credentials with either email address or mobile number to verify the user's identity and to provide a log in avail of the facility.
  • Offer Rides: Since mobile apps have become the primary source for On-demand services. You can  Integrate this feature to avail facility for the user who has their bike or car and can offer pooling services to earn money. This can help people to earn around 10,000 monthly and you won’t be needed to hire people. So this will help both parties.
  • Find Rides: Ask your mobile app development partner to create a friendly interface to make users easily avail of the service he/she is looking for. This feature will help those users who are looking for a pool ride for their office or somewhere else at bus ticket fare. This feature can help users to find rides at an affordable price.
  • Car Pooling: This feature will avail users to find car pooling service at bus ticket fare. You can avail of an easy to use the feature to make this process more quickly for the user to find a car near them and to book it. It will surely affect the mobile app development cost but the results will be worthy for sure.
  • Ride Tracking: Mobile apps have become very advanced and integration of geolocation features will add more efficiency to your application. Ride tracking feature will help both the users and the riders to track the location of each other and to know the estimated time of arrival to get the service at the time. You can evaluate the estimation cost of these advanced technologies using an app cost calculator.
  • Payment Gateway: To avail ease while making and receiving payment for both users and customers respectively you can avail multiple payment modes. Make sure to offer a safe and secure payment gateway to avail the user's trust for the app and future engagement. The mobile app development sector has evolved with the various secured path of payment that will be completely transparent for customers and the riders.
  • Regular Ride: It can be one of the unique and can be considered as a primary feature for a car or bike pooling app. If the user has to take a regular cab or bike for the same route then they can take a regular ride in the same cab or bike. This will help in finding the cab with more ease. The mobile app development cost can be better optimized by using the perfect strategy roadmap.
  • Fare Bidding: This feature is to help the ride takers and givers to request for the fare charges. This feature can be used by both parties. The riders can use this feature to change the fare depending upon availability.
  • Notification: The notification feature will help the riders to notify any modification in the ride timing and fair to the users. They can make changes in the ride note feature and these notes will be visible to the ride takers while booking the cab. The mobile app development team can avail push notification features to avail of better service.
  • Wallet: For a faster and effective payment mode, you can integrate an in-built wallet in your application to make payments faster. It can be easily developed and will not much affect the app development cost. You can also offer to earn special offers and promotional money by referring and earn a feature in your application.

Mobile App Development Cost for Quickride a like Application:
As we have discussed above that the development of a Quickride alike application will require integration and multiple features and functionalities that will regulate the app development cost. But apart from this, some factors will also affect the mobile app development cost. Those factors are:

  • Application Platform
  • Application Design
  • Application Size
  • Developers

These factors can highly affect the development cost but making use of the best development practices can result in development at an affordable price. We have analyzed all the factors and features and have estimated that the development cost will range between $10,000 to $5,00,000.

At Appentus, We make use of the best development practice that can offer efficient and effective development. If you wish to hire mobile app developers then you can contact us for more.

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