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Top Chatbot App Trends of 2019

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A chatbot can be simply understood as a machine that offers to conduct a useful conversation with the customers. It has got immense growth over mostly all the domains because of its unique features and ability to provide better customer service. It can be easily observed that how the development cycle has changed to intelligent chatbot app development. AI and machine learning have offered various innovations for small businesses that help in improving production, sales, marketing and lead to a boost in their sales. It is recommended to have a proper analysis of all the latest trends in Chatbot to make it a big success. Here we have discussed the top chatbot app trends of 2019 that you must know about.

List of Top Chatbot App Trends of 2019:

  • Constant Chatbots Adaption: People always wish to have the best thing that can help them in every aspect of life. And this seems to be completely affecting the chatbot technology. Chatbot app development getting much attention and seems to become the next big platform that will help to connect customers to the business. According to IBM stats that, it has been recorded that almost 265 billion customers send a request every year and more than 1.3 trillion dollars spend over to fulfill these requests. Hence Chatbot can reduce this to almost 30%.
  • Human-Behaviour Development: Chatbot app trends are seeking mostly all the domains in the market and many third-party companies are now integrating with other chatbot app development companies to avail better services. You can now book an Uber cab using the facebook messenger app. The only issue that has been recognized with chatbots is that people feel chatbots are less useful. They think the machine will not be able to provide them a proper solution. however, the younger generation feels more comfortable with the chatbots and it has been stated that 40% of millennials chats daily with chatbots.
  • AI Technology Introduced: AI technology has been introduced with the Chatbot app development to deliver a more personalized experience to the users. A USA based bank has integrated the AI technology with its chatbot services which offer to resolve customer's queries in a more precise manner by analyzing and predicting the solution required by the customers. It helps them to execute even complex tasks like making payments, checking balance, etc. Along with the banking sector, insurance companies are also showing interest in AI technology to completely automate the claim process by adding location-based technology.
  • Business acquiring Chatbots: Chatbot App trends are attracting all sized business whether its small or large entrepreneurs and business owners are looking forward to this technology to offer a better user experience to their users. In the year 2017, chatbots have shown unpredictable growth to the businesses and the year has been named as “the year of Chatbots”. Many companies have installed this chatbot service to avail better productivity by making the Chatbots checking orders and making purchases. Chatbot helps the businesses to connect to the consumers more effectively. It can be a great opportunity for the chatbot app development company to dive in for greater results.
  • Customer Data Analysis: Chatbot app development companies prefer to store customer data that can be further used for proper analysis. The integration of AI technology in Chatbot applications helps in regulating the data accurately and helps in data prediction that makes the analysis process more better. Chatbot app trends of 2019 introduce better ways to execute customers' queries. The AI-Driven chatbots are becoming so smart. They can learn from their mistakes and can make better decisions in the future.
  • Conversational Bots: Having a healthy conversation with your customers can be helpful for your business and it has been stated that people don’t give much attention while talking to the customers. Adapting conversational interfaces with Chatbot app development can lead to better conversations and have a healthy relationship with the customers. It can be assumed in the list of chatbot app trends of 2019.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Facebooks use Natural language processing technology to better understand users queries to provide better solutions. It can be considered as one of the main factors that lead. Many companies have started working on the NLP to get once step ahead in the market and to avail better communication services between the customer and the machine. Simply we can take this as a better way of communication between customers and machines. Chatbot app development companies are working on AI Negotiation capabilities and Reinforced learning to allow machines to better understand human behavior to respond accurately.

These Chatbot app trends will surely give more opportunities for companies to evolve more effectively. Since everyone has its service app whether its a small-scale business or a larget scale one. Mobile app development has offered affordable services for every sector. Keep your eye on the latest chatbot app development trends to stay ahead from the competitors.

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