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Cost Factors of an App like TikTok

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TikTok has seemed to get tremendous growth in the market as compared to all the music video apps available. It has become the most trending and popular apps in the market. TikTok was first introduced in China in 2012 by Zhang yiming and later got viral all over the globe. After the emerging success, it merges with the popular app in 2018.

In China, the version of this app is known as douyin. TikTok offers to shoot a 15-second video along with music and Dialogue playing in the background. The uniqueness of this app makes it a pioneer in the market. With its Exponential growth, it seemed to have at the no.1 position in the AppStore by 2020.

If you are looking to develop an app like TikTok then you must have these features in your app to make it an effective one.

User Interface:

  • Login: You must effectively work on your Login form. It should be simple and easily understandable. You must offer social login to reduce the time to be required to submit other details. Connect with a mobile app development company to talk in details about all the features.
  • Video Section: While working on this keeping all your focus on it is a must. it is the most important section of your app. Make sure you allow users to create and save videos in the most easier manner. Allow users to record and save the videos so that they can use them later whenever they want. You can also allow them to share their videos on the social media platform for better engagement.
  • Notifications: Must offer this feature in your app to avail users to notify about the likes and share on their videos and to know if anyone wants to connect with them.
  • Settings: Allow users to alter their personal information and data using the settings option. You can offer some additional features in the setting to allow users to block or unblock the users with whom they don't feel to get connected.

Admin Panel: The App will need an admin panel to manage the following factors:

  • Content
  • Notification
  • User
  • Flagged Video
  • Report Handling

List of mobile app development factors that will affect the cost of the app:

To evaluate the development cost of the app we need to consider various factors that can play a key role in the app development cost. Mobile app development has become really advanced and effective which can cost you a good amount of money. There are various tools available in the market that allows you to estimate the development cost by entering the details of the app like platform, features, size, etc. and it will calculate the exact development cost. You can make use of the app cost calculator for it. So here is the list of the factors that determine the cost of the app.

The platform of the App: Choosing the platform for mobile app development can be really crucial. You need to be very careful while selecting the platform as it can decide the future of your app. You can either go for Android or iOS or you can pick both if you are able to invest a good amount of money at the beginning. Both of the platforms offer a vast market where you can explore for better returns.

Extra Features: Instead of creating unwanted features that may look cool but have nothing to do with the app. Focus on the features that offer the basic ideology of your app. Create a list of those extra features which you want to add and secure them for later updates. These features can increase the mobile app development cost for now. You can consider adding these features once you will have a good stand in the market.

  • Resources: In the mobile app development technology you will be required to use various resources in the development process that includes the tools, technology, databases, interface, programming etc. which will add on the development cost of the app. Evaluate the list of all the resources required to estimate the cost.
  • Location: The region where you are going to expand your app at the initial stage will also drive the cost of the development. If you are looking to deploy it globally then you will be required to have a large database and for local region, you have to worry about its size. It will be better to start with the local region and once you get a positive response then consider expanding it globally.
  • Designing: A unique and effective design can obviously attract people. Tiktok has a very user-friendly interface which allows easy video making and sharing facility along with its unique logo. Mark this process important in the mobile app development to keep your extra focus on it.

Mobile app development costs can vary based on various factors some of which we have discussed above. Since it offers various tools and technologies that can help you with the development process in a more easier way then it could be.

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