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Cost Of Developing A Mobile App Like Turo

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The car rental system has become the first choice for travelers around the globe. This trend is setting high goals in the upcoming years and apps like Turo and Hertz are getting tending in various cities and working harder to increase the numbers in terms of their revenue and reach. The advent of mobile app development in this sector has availed a better way to rent out a car at any time and anywhere.

According to the stats of Global Comparison of the year 2019, it has been recorded that the car rental system has generated the highest revenue and the community is increasing rapidly. The vast potential in this sector is attracting entrepreneurs and business owners to dive into this market and the app development cost has become their primary concern. To help you out we have listed here the fundamental features and the factors affecting the development cost evaluated using the app cost calculator. 

Features Determining the App Development Cost:
The development of an application like Turo will require these fundamental features without these it will not be able to stand in the market. Let us have a look at these features in detail to determine the mobile app development cost. 

User Account: To make it more convenient for the users, this feature will help to maintain all the details of their car rental history along with their personal information and the payment details. Make sure to have a simple and easy to use design to make it easier for the user. Ask the app development company to have a user account features that can maintain all this information. The better interface will lead to better customer engagement with the app.

Vehicle Availability: It can be considered as the primary feature for a car rental app. This feature will help the user to check the availability of the vehicle at the respected time they want to take the vehicle on the lease. It will show the list of the available vehicles along with the price based on the total rental time for the vehicle required by the user. App development costs may vary based on the complexity and efforts required to integrate this feature into the application. 

Booking: Make use of the advanced mobile app development technologies to offer a simple and easy to use booking process. You can simply ask for the basic details like the pickup time, location rental hours and the destination and show the list of the available cars, and user just needs to tap on book now to create a booking. This feature can be very complex and can raise the app development cost. Make use of the best development practice to reduce the cost. 

Ride Scheduling: This feature will help the users to make a booking for the future. You can allow them to enter the date and time when they are planning to rent a car and you can show the list of the available cars at that respected time. Consult with an app development company to introduce an effective booking process to make it more convenient for the users.

Tracking: These advanced features will add on the mobile app development cost but it will offer a better experience for the users. The real-time tracking feature will enable users to determine the location of the vehicle and to evaluate the ETA of the vehicle. With the advent of the latest technologies, it allows determining the direction and the physical movement of the vehicle.

Easy Payments: Make sure to integrate safe and secure payment modes in your application. You can include multiple payment gateways to avail easier and faster payment methods for users and the rentals to pay and get paid respectively. Payment notifications should be sent to both the parties and records of all the payments and rides should be stored accurately. This will help both the parties to analyze the profit. Better and effective roadmap for mobile app development can help you in reducing the cost required for these features 

Map Points: The car rental app should show the closest and available gas stations and other necessary spots you might be required on your trip. This will help to ensure safety on the trip and will lead to better relations with the users. 

As we have seen above that multiple features and will be required to develop an application like Turo. The mobile app development cost Can be evaluated depending upon the complex features and services you want to indulge in the mobile application. The app cost calculator can give you an estimate of the app development cost based on the features and the platform you are looking to develop your application. Based on various parameters it has been estimated that the cost for development of an app like Turo will be around $20,000. 

However, if you wish to develop the application for both Android and iOS platforms then the app development cost will be between $35,000 to $40,000 depending upon the high-end features you will ask the app development company to integrate into the application.

If you wish to turn your idea into reality and looking for a mobile app development company then you can connect with Appentus. We ensure cutting-edge development with better efficiency and results. 

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