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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like FaceApp

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Photo Editing apps are gaining popularity among the masses. The image-sharing social media platforms like Instagram, snapchat, etc play a key role in the consistent popularity of these applications. A recently introduced application Faceapp, based on Artificial intelligence has gone viral overnight among people. It creates visuals of your selfies by generating the younger and older looks using the cutting-edge algorithms. The unbelievable demands of these applications among the people attract the developers and entrepreneurs to dive in the market but there is one question, that revolves around the development process is that How much does it cost to develop an app like this and what factors should be considered to reduce the development cost. If you have an innovation plan which can get into the development phase then you can evaluate the development cost using the app cost calculator.

Features of FaceApp

For a Mobile app development company or an entrepreneur, if you are looking to develop an app like this then here we have discussed the fundamentals features of the FaceApp. These features can drive app development costs.

  • Capture/ Upload Image: It can be counted as the primary feature for Photo editing applications. It is required for editing and to enhance the quality of the image. Faceapp is facing negative reactions from the user because of not asking permission before uploading the image. Make sure to consider this with your development partner. The development cost of the feature might be vary based on the platforms. iPhone app development costs higher than android due to the demand of developers for IOS is higher than android.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Face app uses the Neural Network Technology to generate the transformation of the photographs to create the older and younger appearance. It is powered by AI filters. It also offers various other features which include backgrounds, make-up, smiles, hair color, etc, to engage users with the app. Consult with a mobile app development company to introduce these features along with some interesting filters to enhance image visualization.
  • Social Media Platforms: one of the main reasons behind the over-night popularity of Faceapp is social media platforms. Integration of image-sharing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat can be beneficial in terms of marketing of the application. Most of the iOS and android app development companies rely on this feature for better visibility of the app in the market as it can provide a boost in the marketing.
  • In-App Purchase: One of the best ways to generate revenue from the app is offering In-app purchases. Faceapp offers some basic features with the installation of the app but asks users to pay a certain amount to get the additional premium features. Premium features include filter updates and no advertisement interface. It has provided three payment modes for the user depending upon the plan they want to choose. Users can opt for monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription. Majorly the companies that offer iPhone app development prefer this method to generate revenue from the app.
  • Feedback: Faceapp offers the user to provide feedback about their experience on the app. They have created an In-App feature for the users to directly send their issues to the developer team. This will get more engagement from the user.
  • Tech Stack: developers of FaceApp haven’t revealed the Tech stack of the app yet but developers have stated a probable tech stack of the famous faceapp.
      • Swift and Java/Kotlin
      • Python
      • OpenGL or OpenCV
      • Apple API

These technologies might be varies depending upon the development requirements of the application. While evaluating the development cost using the App Cost Calculator these terminologies are required to estimate the exact cost of the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an app?

If you have decided to develop an app like faceapp then make sure to discuss the features with the development team to get the cost. Estimation of the development cost of the application might varies according to the integrations of features and tech stack in the application. The development cost of an app with the features introduced above will stand out between USD 100k-120k. You can get an estimate from multiple Mobile App development companies to get the best price.

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