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What Features to Include While Developing Caller ID App like Truecaller

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Millions of people have reported issues regarding spam calls and messages. Are you facing the same issue? and wish to develop a Caller ID app like Truecaller to resolve this issue. If you are interested in this then you need to understand the complexity behind building these applications along with the demand of the users from the app.

According to statistics, in 2018  brazil is leading with 37.5 spam calls in a month, followed by India in the second position. It really irritates when you get unwanted calls and messages especially at the time of any event or meeting. One of the main reason behind these calls are the telecom partners. They are responsible for around 90% of the spam calls today and the customers are getting fed up from this and demanding a solution. Many app development companies are looking for ways to prevent these calls and messages.

People always ask for On-demand apps that can fulfill their needs immediately. Many apps like Truecaller, PRANK DIAL, Call Spoofer have been introduced by the developers to the world. But the spammers are also getting advanced and tricky. They have started using computer-generated numbers that look similar to yours to make it look known to you.

How A Caller ID APP Works?

 A Caller ID app basically filters the spam call and messages with the help of their enlarged database which is created using the user's community. Whenever a user signs up in-app, it will seek permission for the list of contacts and other data. Then it updates the data of the user in its database and with a live caller identification feature, it allows the user to identify the caller ID and location before accepting or rejecting the call. In the case of the Caller ID app Development scenario, it is required to keep several things in mind to make it a successful approach.

Features to be included in a Caller ID Application:

Many revolutionary apps have been introduced in the market for both IOS and Android like showcaller, whoscall, callapp, etc. and if you are looking to develop your own Caller ID app then you must study these competitors. Begin with estimating the app development cost including the funds required to hire a Mobile app development company, marketing, optimization, etc.

Once the evaluation is done then follow up with your developers to discuss the relevant features you must-have in your application. here’s a list of some of the essential features for the Caller ID app.

  • Call Recording: An efficient feature that can offer the user to record their important Phone calls which will save the mobile space instead of having another call recording app. App development companies are creating more possibilities for these apps by integrating some advanced features.
  • Filter Unwanted calls and Messages: This is the must-have feature of this app. Ask your mobile app development partner to make an efficient code that can detect spammers and unwanted calls. The more efficient your results will be, the more visibility you will get in the market.
  • Contacts Backup: This feature has been recently introduced by the developers to keep the users assured about their contacts. Most of the On-Demand apps contain the features of taking the backup of the user's data to ensure its availability for a longer period.
  • Integration with Apps: Many top caller ID apps offer WhatsApp messages and video call features. You can think about integrating some relevant apps to bring more facilities to the user. Make sure it fits in your budget as it will increase your app development cost.
  • Call Back Notification: This feature can surely get popularity as it will help the user to make effective calls instead of wasting their time. You can activate this facility to send a notification to the caller when it's possible to take calls.
  • Blocking: Being a Caller ID app this is also a must feature which allows users to block unwanted calls and messages. Once the contact number is blocked it won’t be allowed to connect to the user in the future until it gets unblocked.

Truecaller has become the world's most trusted caller ID app and if you wish to get into the Caller ID app development company then you must keep these features in mind to make a stand in the market.

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