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Readdle Brings popular Email App Spark to Android

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Struggling with your email box is natural for every working professional whether it is sorting messages in your inbox, formatting long written an email, or cleaning your mailbox from spams, etc. We all have experienced the tiring task of managing our mailbox in our daily life. However, the time has changed and things are entirely different now.

One of the best mobile application development companies, Readdle is finally looking beyond iOS application development. And post, well-receipt on Apple’s platform, Spark one of the best email clients on the planet is available on play store after a long wait. The cutting-edge features of application will make life easier and smooth for every android application development company in the market. Therefore, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the best features of Spark.

  • Smart Inbox

Spark prioritizes all the incoming emails to your mailbox so that you can differentiate between important and irrelevant emails. Spark android app development helps users to quickly go through the email inbox by bundling emails into categories. The grouping of emails is done on the basis of mail content. Moreover, Spark will shortlist all the emails from real persons on top and all the less important emails such as marketing newsletters and social media notification at the bottom. And it will save your time by providing you with batch delete option for these unimportant emails.

  • Filtered Email Notifications

Unlike any regular mailing app, Spark sends notification only if someone important sends you an email. For this reason, Spark calls itself distraction-free email manager as well. The core principal of Spark app is, a person tends to give his 100% in work when there is no distraction be it physical, or digital. Therefore, by filtering the mail notifications, Spark provides space and peace of mind which eventually increases the overall productivity of a user.

  • Email Superpowers

The best thing about Spark is these simple, yet effective functionalities which will assist you in being on top of your email game. Some of the best handy tools for Spark are as follows:

  • Snooze
  • Smart Search
  • Send Later
  • Customization
  • Follow-ups and Reminders

All of the above-mentioned features will increase your overall work efficiency and will definitely be handy for all work-related communication.

  • Teamwork

Spark allows you to discuss privately with your team members which significantly improves the team performance. Because coordinating with team members about the project progress is a big headache for team managers. Moreover, an app cost calculator will tell you how much does it cost to make a safe and secure communication app? Therefore, Spark will also help indirectly in reducing the project cost by administering effective communication methods.

  • Additional Awesome Features

Other than the above-mentioned features and benefits, Spark offers a couple of more great features. For e.g. it supports multiple signature functionalities which will let you choose the specific one as per the requirement. In addition, inside the email, it provides additional passwords or biometrics so that you can ensure that not everyone sees all your emails even after getting access to your email account.

In short, Spark is an excellent email manager who can make your life easier in so many ways. As a matter of fact, every iOS app development company in the market using Spark since its inception. However, the great thing is that it is no more limited to Apple’s platform only. Every android user can also enjoy the awesome benefits of application and you can download Spark app from Google play store for free from any time now.

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