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Why iOS and Android App Developers Should pay Attention to Flutter in 2019

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Are you searching for a cross-platform mobile app development framework which can assist you in developing mobile applications?

Or you are looking for options to develop mobile applications within a short time and limited budget?

The tech market has witnessed an exponential growth in the mobile app development industry within the past couple of years. Reports suggest that thousands of new mobile apps are landing on the app store every single day. And as far as the app development process is concerned, the traditional approach of android app development and iOS app development requires two different tech teams and two distinct development strategies which eventually results into higher cost for companies.

For this reason, companies have started hunting for cross-platform solutions.

And finally, it’s possible!!!!

Now it is not required for an iOS app development company to exclusively allocate budget to develop the Android version of the app. For the reason that there is an ultimate cross-platform mobile app development framework which is booming in the market. And the name of the framework is Flutter.

Therefore, in this article let us take you quickly through the rationales that why should iOS and Android app developers pay attention to Flutter in 2019?

However, before illustrating the reasons. Let’s first learn some more about Flutter.

Here we go!!!!!

What is Flutter?

Well, Flutter is Google’s multi-platform, an open-source, mobile SDK that is used to build iOS and Android applications on a single framework. The first stable version of Flutter was announced by Google on December, 4th 2018 at Flutter Live.

Moreover, it is the only platform with mobile SDK which provides reactive style views without any JavaScript bridge usage. Hence, some of the biggest market leaders such as Alibaba has already embraced it for developing mobile applications.

Well, this was a little introduction to such a mind-blowing development framework. Now let us delve into the article to understand why should it be a preferred app development platform for app developers?

Benefits of Flutter for Mobile App Developers

  • Faster App Development

Flutter provides the facility of faster and dynamic mobile app development to the app developers. The Hot-Reload feature of the framework reflects the code changes in milliseconds.

On the contrary, in case of native app development, the project needs to be restart in case of any modification which usually takes much more time.

  • Built-In Native Features

One of the best things about Flutter is that it provides easy access to native features of low-level machines. Moreover, being a multi-platform framework Flutter facilitates app developers to use popular programming languages such as Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android app development.

Therefore, an app cost calculator can tell you how great the overall development cost will be reduced because of these built-in features.

  • Efficient Testing Environment

Since Flutter is cross-platform, it goes without saying that app developers do not need to execute the same set of tests for the same application on different platforms.

In addition, Flutter also provides solid testing features to write tests at the unit, functional and UI level. Thus, using Flutter can save a lot of time on your testing team.

  • Reactive Framework

With the reactive framework in Flutter, developers can effectively build unique UI designs. Moreover, the functional and reactive framework allows developers to enhance app development productivity and use the skills rightfully.

  • Excellent UI

An eye-catching and compelling user interface has always been a vital part of every mobile application. Keeping this in mind, Flutter comes with material designs for iOS and Android widgets plus Cupertino for iOS applications which help app developers to build fascinating and highly interactive mobile apps.

Well, looking at the Flutter features it is pretty obvious that it has transformed the process of app development to a great extent. For this reason, most of the web development company are planning to include app development in their portfolio.

Moreover, if you are worried about how much does it cost to make an app, perhaps exploring the features and functionalities of Flutter is the smartest thing that you could do right now. Enjoy a painless mobile app development in a much faster manner with the exceptional elements of Flutter.

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