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Google Maps Adds SOS Alert and Navigation for Natural Disaster

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Google has proclaimed a Google Maps update which will be very helpful in case of a natural disaster. Google aforementioned in an exceedingly diary post that the SOS alerts feature of Google Maps adds was improved by adding visual info throughout natural disasters, with a brand new navigation warning system to steer users far away from danger.

Google Maps’ SOS alerts will give an outline of what is occurring, the relevant news stories for an occasion, emergency phone numbers and websites, and updates from native authorities. With the new update, the app can additionally show elaborated visualizations concerning hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities.

Google Maps

Navigate your world quicker and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and many ample businesses and places on the map. Get period of time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit data, and explore native neighborhoods by knowing wherever to eat, drink and go - despite what a part of the globe you’re in. Google Maps could be a new mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite representational process, aerial photography, street maps, 360° bird's-eye views of streets (Street View), a period of time traffic conditions, and route designing for traveling.

Google Maps began as a C++ desktop program at wherever two Technologies. In October 2004, the corporate was no heritable by Google that regenerates it into an online application. When extra acquisitions of geospatial information mental image company and a real-time traffic analyzer, Google Maps was launched in February 2005. The service's side utilizes JavaScript, XML, and Ajax. Google Maps application offers Associate in-app API that enables maps to be embedded on third-party websites and offers a surveyor for businesses and different organizations in varied countries around the world.

Google cartographer allowed users to collaboratively expand and update the service's mapping worldwide however was discontinued from March 2017. However, crowdsourced contributions to Google Maps weren't discontinued because the company proclaimed those options are going to be transferred to the Google native Guides program.

What are you able to do with SOS Alerts?

With SOS alerts, you'll already see necessary crisis information—an outline of what’s happening, relevant news stories, emergency phone numbers and websites, Twitter updates from native authorities, and tips to assist you to discover your thanks to safety. Now, you’ll even be able to see elaborated visualizations concerning hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods to convey you a stronger understanding of things on the bottom.

In the days leading up to a cyclone, you’ll see a crisis notification card on Google Maps that mechanically seems if you’re close to the compact space. Top mobile app development companies looking forward to developing the best quality software out of this awesome feature. This card can direct you to a cyclone forecast cone, that shows the prediction of the storm’s mechanical phenomenon at the side of info concerning what time it’s probably to hit bound areas, thus you'll use this info to arrange a way to react.

After Associate in-app earthquake strikes, sound on the crisis card can show the earthquake’s shakemap a mental image that shows you its geographic point, its magnitude, at the side of color writing to point however intense the shaking was in encompassing areas. This info will assist you quickly assess the reach of the earthquake and establish areas probably to possess older the best impact. And in the Republic of India, wherever over twenty p.c of world flood-related fatalities occur, you’ll currently be able to see flood forecasts that show you wherever flooding is probably going to occur additionally to the expected severity in numerous areas.

Google SOS alerts additionally gain the flexibility to attach directly with Google Maps to assist you quickly get and share the knowledge you would like at once. You’re able to share your location, see and report road closures, and share crisis info directly along with your contacts. There’s even the flexibility to navigate safely far away from affected or soon-to-be affected areas exploitation Maps directions.

All of those new options are going to be rolling dead set users over subsequent few weeks, however, its value noting that platforms and information might vary between world regions. Cyclone forecast cones and earthquake shakemaps can begin rolling move into the approaching weeks on humanoid, iOS, desktop, and mobile net. Flood forecasts visualizations can presently roll out beginning in Patna, India, and so expand to the Ganges and Brahmaputra River regions on humanoid, desktop, and mobile net. Mobile app development companies working on this feature.

The visualizations can reach humanoid, iOS and therefore the net within the "coming weeks," with flood visualizations (which do not embrace iOS, and I/O conference) beginning within the Indian town of Patna and spreading to the Brahmaputra River and Ganges regions. Whereas you will hopefully ne'er get to use any of those options, they may be very important if you are unsure of wherever you'll enter a dangerous scenario.

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