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Top Google Play Store Statistics 2019 You Need to Know About

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Technology has made it easier for the people to get everything at their finger-tips and the advent of apps have made it easier. People tend to spend most of the time on these applications which help to drive the mobile app development sector.

Google has been known to everyone because of its amazing services worldwide. once started as Android market now popularly known as Google play store has created many opportunities for android app developers. Play store is an android platform which offers developers to optimize their apps among the users along with various features.

Here we have discussed Top Google Play Store Statistics in 2019

  • Number Of Apps

Being the most trusted and optimized platforms by Android App Developers, It has around 2,714,499 apps depicted by the research by Appbrain. It has millions of users on a daily basis which makes it the global platform for android apps. With the emerging interest of developers in it, the number of apps will surely increase rapidly in the upcoming years.

  • App Released Weekly and Monthly

Because of the amazing Play Store Optimization techniques, there are nearly 26,170 apps are released on a weekly basis. Innovation and creativity are bringing more resources for developers and entrepreneurs.

  • Number of Applications Downloaded Daily

The Market has grown over the decades and the demand keeps on increasing for applications in various niche. The number of downloads has been estimated at around 250 million on a daily basis. The research depicted that the demand for smartphones has increased over 2 years resulting in opening greater opportunities in Android App development Sector.

  • Ratings Of Applications

Google has provided a facility for the users and the developers to provide rating to their apps, which helps in improving the quality of the app. This helps the user to depict the quality of the app whether the app is worth downloading or not. It can be considered as one of the steps of Play Store Optimization. According to stats, there are 2,156,187 applications have ratings while 8,58,200 apps still don’t have ratings on their application.

  • Google Play VS App Store

Comparing with apple app store statistics, the Google play store has shown some serious growth. It has achieved 16.4% hike from 2016 to 2018. The demand for android application has made them achieve this. In early 2019, stats have claimed the Google play store downloads has increased to 41.9 billion from 36 billion since last year.

  • Price Allotment

Application in play store is available in two terms either paid or free. Average price depicted by the stats is between $ 1-2 for a single application. It has been estimated around 44000+ apps on the Google play store are under $1. These apps offer a free model with some limited features. With comparison to the app store, Google has less paid apps than app store because of various reasons which include user behavior, iOS app development cost, etc.

  • Global Usage

It has been evaluated that around world’s 50% population is prone to the mobile network and smartphones have become their primary choice to access the web. According to the Google play store statistics, it has been determined that the majority of the applications are downloaded from play store Globally. Well, it can be a good opportunity for android app developers.

  • Entertainment Apps

The demand for entertainment apps can be estimated by the stats introduced by AppAnnie, that the video content has more probability to engage users. This can be counted to estimate the popularity of these apps among the users.

  • Gaming Applications

Gaming apps can be counted as the best source of revenue for Google Play StoreThe number of online have gamers have increased to 2.2 billion in the world. Among which 203 million US-based and 459 million china based gamers are in the majority list. Comparing with apple app store statistics, the android platform has more users in the gaming category. 

With these statistics, it can be depicted that Google is serving the users with best resources along with offering more opportunities for android app developers with its play store optimization techniques. You can go through these statistics to have an estimated plan before diving in the market.

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