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How We Help Our Clients in Finalizing a Name for Their Mobile App

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As an android developer or an iPhone developer, after creating an app it may be pretty difficult to get a great name for an amazing app.

All the efforts put into Android app development or iPhone app development can be ruined by a bad name.

Fortunately, in today's guide, we are going to go over the exact steps in helping our mobile app development clients finalize a name for their app

Let's dive in:

Below are the factors our clients that our clients put into consideration before naming their apps:

Features of the app:

A lot of apps which are successful choose their names that can easily describe the functions of the app. Take the messenger app from Facebook as an example; the name easily tells you that it is an app for sending messages or Pics Art which is used for editing pictures.

Your name is the first thing that strikes your potential users and they have a tendency to judge your app based on the name before even proceeding to read the description.

Therefore choosing a name that reflects your app features can be of great advantage.

Emotions of the customers:

Like we said earlier,  before even fully knowing about the properties of your app, people first come in contact with the branding that is your name and logo.

It is therefore to choose a name that will appeal to their emotions and leave a lasting impression on them.

To be able to do this properly, you need to fully know the use of your app and your target audience. For example, you need to appeal to a different set of emotions when making apps for the financial audience and another set of emotions when making apps for social media.

The emotion you try to convey through the name should be consistent throughout the app.

It is important to avoid evoking negative emotions when naming your app.


Beyond choosing an app name based on the features, consumer emotions you need to make your name of choice easily accessible to your consumers.

That is the name of your app should have the chance of ranking on the app store for its uses and also other online and social media platforms.

This is done by picking the right keywords of high search volume that reflects your app's functions.

If done properly, when people enter searches online to solve a problem which your app can, you have a great chance of coming top among the search results.

Do not keyword stuff because it is counterproductive but rather, use tools like the google keyword planner to find keywords to try and rank for.

Some other steps include:

  • Availability of the domain name
  • Recognizability
  • Uniqueness etc

Final words:

Mobile app development as calculated by the app calculator can be easily cost a lot of money in time and money in making. All this can easily go to waste from just a wrong name so it is important you choose one wisely.

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