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Should You Hire Full Stack Developers or Specialized Developers For Mobile Apps

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Have you ever thought about completing a task on your own which usually needs a bunch of people to complete? Well, you might be as nothing is possible in this digital world and we are equipped with lost of advanced technologies that can even help us in achieving that. The industry of mobile apps is increasing, and people are looking for more and more ways to invest in this technology to experience high returns. however, there are various flaws and loose ends while developing an application that needs to be taken care of. The transformation to the digital world is offering multiple new technologies that require a bunch of specialists to develop. However, some full-stack developers offer to design and develop the complete application on their own. Hence if you hire full-stack developers, then you can have a bunch of benefits like they can be cost-effective and can provide reliable development solutions. 

There are multiple stages in the development process of a mobile app. Hence to make a perfect comparison between full-stack developer vs app developer, we need first to understand the technologies and skills required to develop an application. There are mainly these things where we need specialization in the development process.

Design of the Application(UI/UX): These people will be responsible for creating an intuitive and creative layout for future products. They must know advanced technologies.

Front-End: A specialist will be required to demonstrate the front-end functioning of the application with core knowledge about the programming to develop the design. It will be the visible portion of the application to the client how they can interact with the app.

Back-End: This process will run on the server-side of how the application will behave and execute the data entered by the users. You can opt to hire a full-stack mobile app development company to build the application with perfection. 

Full-Stack Developer vs App Developer Specialized Team

Full Stack Developer: This person will be the sole responsibility for all the stages in the development process. A Full-stack developer will have the knowledge and hands-on experience on all the technologies required to develop a complete web application. He will manage the front-end designing part along with the server-side to manage the database of the application. This person will be holding both a front-end and back-end tasks. There are various pros and cons if you hire full-stack mobile app developers. Hence, you have to be selective while choosing as you can not compromise with the quality of your application to get a cost-effective solution. However, if you want it to give it a shot and want to know how to hire a full-stack app developer, then you can go for various freelancers websites, where you will get a mass community of developers. 

Specialized Developers: This person will hold specialization in a particular technology or framework which will make it more confident with the quality of the application. A skilled developer will work on a single domain, and it can be either designing, developing or any other process in the development. They hold the specialization in a particular field which helps to distribute the task according to the skills and ability of the person. However, this mode ensures the quality of the application as the experts in the particular field be contributing together, and it will provide a quality-driven solution, but it will be a costly one. 

Things to Consider, Whom to choose?

Hence we have come up with some factors that can help you to make a precise decision whether you should hire full-stack developers or a specialized team for mobile apps. 

Project Size: If you have a large project, then you must go for a specialized team as a full stack developer will take more time.

Complexity: This will affect the quality of your application, so if the complexity of the development process is high, then go for a specialized team.

Flexibility: Here, a full stack developer will be the best choice as he can easily switch to multiple technologies and frameworks. 

Budget: If you have a tight budget, then a full stack developer will be an excellent choice for you. While you can also get a cost-effective development team.

Hence, we can say both have their qualities which makes them useful for the development of mobile apps. If you wish to hire a full-stack mobile app development company, then you can contact Appentus technologies.

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