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How Long Does it Take to make a Mobile App

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Mobile Applications have become a tool for networking, entertainment and payment transactions nowadays. It is very natural for the top software development companies to inquire about the app development process and cost. For a mobile application development company, figuring out how long it takes to develop an app will depend upon a lot of factors. Well, to understand it let’s go through the key stages of the app development process one by one.

         1. Idea and Market Research

Every application available in the market started with an idea. You need to refine that idea to fit into an application. In addition to this, you need to conduct extensive research about what will this app do? Is there already such kind of app exist in the market? How the existing app can be improved? Etc. This is a very crucial phase for any Android or iOS app development company as it lays down all the necessary groundwork for what to follow next.

        2. Design

Once you are done with the market research and idea refinement, the next phase is to answer the queries such as:

How will users interact with the application?

How can they discover new content?

How will the starting screen look like? Etc.

Post answering these questions you can build a prototype of your application on paper. You need to keep in mind your idea while designing your app. This phase will give you a clear understanding of your application features and how will your idea fuse into a functional app.

       3. Development

Now it is time for your technical team to begin implementing the styles and functionality of app as per the idea and designs provided in the above phases. This is the stage where a developer considers all the factors like multitasking, OS fragmentation, user experience etc. In fact, nobody is more in-tune with any particular feature of your app than the app development team.

       4. Testing

Having full-fledged testing by the people who are not your app’s primary developer before deployment is always a great idea. Application testing will give you an idea about app usability, security, compatibility, stress,and performance etc. The various types of testing done in this phase are:

  • Usability testing
  • o
  • Compatibility testing
  • o
  • Interface testing
  • o
  • Services testing
  • o
  • Low-level resource testing
  • o
  • Performance testing
  • o
  • Operational testing
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  • Security testing

By this time you might be worrying about how much does it cost to make an app? Well, in order to keep your costs low, it is a good idea to test early and often. The farther you go into the development process, the costlier it becomes to fix the bugs of your app.

         5. Deployment

This is the final phase to sell your idea in the market. This stage will decide the success of all the hard work put into making the application as users will start operating your app. The target of this phase is to get your app in the hands of maximum end users. Therefore, this stage includes all the SEO work, marketing of your app and app store optimization etc.

App development process is quite overwhelming and challenging these days. It goes without saying for all the top mobile app development companies that the more time they devote to research and planning, the more time they will save in the later stages. Nevertheless, the work on an application just never stops because once your app gets in the hands of the end user, feedback will pour in and you will incorporate that feedback into new updates and improved version of the app.

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