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How Much Does It Cost To Build a VR Apps

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The Augmented reality application industry is recorded as the most profitable industry for the last 10 years. Based on all the surveys and reports it has been recorded that Augmented and Virtual reality applications are expected to get more numbers by the year 2020. It has been also stated that AR app development is three times more profitable than VR and enterprises are understanding the potential of the AR application and looking to invest in to get profitable results.

Development of an augmented reality application consists of various stages that can affect the VR app development cost. It can be very tough to dive in this market for small enterprises as it requires large capital investment. To make it easier we have described the factors below that can affect the development cost and way to optimize it.

Factors affecting the AR App Development Cost:

Apart from having the potential to regulate the company profitability factor, augmented reality applications are still not fully developed according to the mark that can fully automate the process. The reason behind this can be debatable and it has been observed that the organizations are not ready to take into account the feasibility of an AR Mobile app which leads to unsuccessful budgeting of the applications. Here we have listed some of the factors that affect the VR app development cost

  • Platform and Business Model: VR app development cost may vary based on the platform it will be developed. Augmented reality apps can be deployed on almost all the platforms that include Android, iOS, and windows. It can be used on both iPhone/iPad and android phone/Pc for iOS and Android respectively. Mobile app development services providing companies can help in the development of the applications in all shapes and sizes.

A business model can surely vary the AR app development price. It can be evaluated based on the price of the application on the store whether it will be the free or fixed price will be charged for downloads. Will, there be any in-app purchase offered in the application or any e-commerce functionality will be required in the application? These factors will affect the VR app Development cost.

  • Complexity: One of the ruling factors that can regulate the development cost of any application can be the complexity. While the development of an augmented reality app it can play a vital role in evaluating the development cost of the application. AR app development for PC or Desktop can be deployed with simple user interface but for the mobile application the complexity factor is much higher and as the cost will be. The interface required for augmented reality apps needs to be very imperative to offer a better User-experience.

Development of Android apps takes more time and cost than iOS as the Google app development platform is more complex than iOS. If you wish to hire mobile app developers then evaluate based on their expertise and experience for better development.

  • Features and Design: The VR app development cost can vary based on the features and functionality requirement of the application. The software development model of an application can help in evaluating the estimated cost of the application. App cost calculator can be used to evaluate the application cost by listing the Core features and functionalities of the application. Designing of the application includes all the technical specifications required in the app whether it needs a server for connectivity or it will be API based. The development cost of a database based application can be slightly higher than the list-based application. Creativity while designing the application can be effective in engaging customers and to get more monetary gain.
  • Development Firm: One of the crucial factors that affect the AR app development cost is the choice of Mobile app development companies. Augmented reality application can be complex and its not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, it can be very difficult to get a perfect development firm. Development cost asked by the big development companies in the market varies between $ 800,000 to 1,50,0000. The VR app development cost offered by moderate and low-level companies can go below $ 2, 00,000. Apart from the app development companies, freelancers that offer to develop augmented reality apps with basic AR features and simple user Interface that cost between $ 10,000 to 50,0000. The AR app development cost is not limited to the application design and features. The final quoted price consists of various elements that include tabs, Pop-Ups, infrastructure, etc.

Concluding all the factors that affect the AR App development it can be believed that the development of augmented reality application can be a complex task and need expertise for a worthy and effective development. Hence this requires huge capital investment as it requires integration of various functionalities and features.

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