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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website in 2020

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Evaluating the development cost for a website or an application can be tricky, as there are various factors available that may vary the development cost. The website and mobile app development companies can help you in evaluating the actual price by better learning about your idea and the projects. Here we have discussed the types of websites based on which the development cost of the website fluctuates.

Types of Websites that can vary the Cost:

There can be various types of websites based on the purpose and need they fulfill. It can be either a blog or a portfolio. The development cost of the website thoroughly depends upon the time it will take to build that is completely based on the complexity level of the features and tools required in the website. Here we have discussed some of the types of websites and their development costs.

  • For A Business:

Most of the time these kinds of websites contain informational data that helps in building brand recognition in the market and for promotion of the brand to gain trust from the targeted audience. For the development of small business websites, customers mostly carry these pages;

  • About us
  • Services
  • Blogs
  • Contacts
  • Testimonials

However, there can be more features and pages but these can be considered as the basic requirements for a Business website. The advent of mobile app development has introduced various features that can be integrated for effective development. Along with this, the SSL certificate, Contact back Form, mobile-ready design, and Admin panel, etc. are some of the more features that have been asked by the customers or the developers. The cost of development of a website of a mid-sized and enterprise-level company can be different as these are fully customized website and the cost can vary at different levels.

  • E-Commerce Website: Most of the people wish to go online for their business for more conversion and better leads. The E-commerce platform is gaining high popularity and with mobile app development, it has become easier for the users to access these portals. Here we have a list of some of the common pages of an E-commerce Website;
  • Home page
  • Cart
  • Favorites
  • Check Out
  • Blog
    Along with these features that include payment gateways integration, admin panel, Push notifications, recently view products, etc. these pages and features may vary according to the requirements and needs of the projects. For example, A large E-commerce websites will have millions of pages and hence it will require a robust and fully automated control panel that offers faster processing and visible to the search engines. There can be various aspects of terms where investment will be required.
  • Landing Page: It is mostly a single-page website that is created for a specific purpose. Most of the time, this kind of page is created for promoting or selling something. These kinds of websites don’t have much content. Most of the time these pages offer to purchase or download something. Most of the developers and mobile app development companies prefer to use Bootstrap and pure HTML for the development of these pages. The development cost may vary based on various things.

Phases of a Website:

While the development of the website, there can be various phases involved that may vary the development cost of the websites. Here we have listed some of the processes that are involved in web development.

  • UI/UX Design: Designing plays a key role in the development process. User-friendly and beautiful designs help in attracting people and to engage customers. The mobile app development companies work on various designing stages that include researching, wireframing and designing. These factors can thoroughly vary based on project complexity and requirements. The average cost of the development of the website can be estimated depending upon the stages involved.
  • Front-End Development: The front-End development can be started along with the designing process and it requires the QA testing to evaluate the quality of the product. We can consider the Website responsiveness and the designing of animations as the main factors for deciding the development cost of the website. Leading mobile app development companies offer to have the best development team that can make the development process quick.
  • Back-End Development: Back-End can be considered as the ruler of your website. It holds all the functionalities and data of your website. Whenever a user clicks on the registration button and tries registering himself, all these actions are performed at the back-end server. There can be various use cases that have been involved in the back-end development that includes complex queries, Integration with third-party services, etc. for a mobile app development company these factors can vary the development cost of the website.

Apart from all these development costs, there are some additions website expenses that you have to pay which includes:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

So from all this, we can conclude that an average cost to build a website can vary from $ 2500 - $9500 based on the website complexities and the requirements. You can better connect with a mobile app development company to consult in detail with them about the project and to get the approximate price.

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