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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

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Cricket in India is at the next level if people have to choose their favorite sport. Leagues like IPL, WorldCup and other National level championships, the first every cricket betting app dream 11 offers immense experience with its amazing features it feels like we are yourself playing at the pitch. Technologies in mobile app development have got very advanced and can offer the best experience for the users. If the growing popularity is one of the factors that is attracting you to dive in this market but you are worried about the mobile app development cost then you can learn about the factors below that affect the app development cost for a Fantasy Sports app.

Features And Factors Affecting App Development Cost:

Application development consists of various stages that will equally participate in regulating the development cost. Picking the best app development company and having a perfect strategy or roadmap for development can help in better results at an affordable price. Being a pioneer in the mobile app development sector, we have analyzed the features and factors that can affect the development cost.

Features of a Fantasy Sports App:

Home Screen: This will be the landing page for the user after login the application. This should be iterative and easy to use so that the user can easily perform operations like picking the tournament or the match where he wants to bet or to filter the search based on the category of the sports he wants to play with. Better designing and user-friendly interface will add up the app development cost but the results will be worthy for sure.

Contest Screen: This screen will contain the list of all the ongoing contests and tournaments for particular sports or matches including all the details. The list will contain information like the contest type, entry fee, winning amount, total number of teams, etc. this screen should be responsive and highly optimized to offer a better and efficient experience to the users. Consult with the app development company to make a perfect strategy for development. 

Payment Mode: Offering a safe and secure payment mode to the users can help in building trust towards your app and can help in customer engagement for future logins. Cost evaluated using the app cost calculator may vary based on the integration of the type of payment modes. Here the user will pay the entry fee of the contest and will receive the winning amount 

Dashboard: Having a unique and effective design can help in attracting users towards your app. Since a little variation in mobile app development cost can provide better results. Build a creative dashboard where a user can manage their details and can review his overall performance based on the rankings and the winnings. A refer and earn function can also be offered to earn more users.

Factors Affecting the App development Cost:

Application Platform: The app development cost for a fantasy sports app will completely depend on the platforms you are looking to developed. Depending upon the platform you will be picking whether its Ios, android or Windows you have to make use of the app store optimization technique to avail better visibility of the application on the store.

Application Designed: Mobile apps need to be very attractive and creative to make users download the application. Using advanced and effective UI/UX can add up the mobile app development complexity but can help you in achieving better results. Ask your technology partner to introduce a user-friendly and creative interface that can engage customers and can connect them with your application.

Application Size: The number of features and functionalities you will integrate into the application will increase the application size and the development cost. The cost estimation of the app cost calculator can be reduced by listing out the primary features of your application for the initial version and you can offer additional features with later updates. This will help in easier deployment of the application whether at the app store or Google play store.

App Developers: Picking up the best app development company that can offer you the best results and efficiency can be tricky. You have to evaluate their expertise level in the development field based upon the experience level of the developers and the reviews of their past deployed projects. App development cost can vary depending upon the geographic location of the developers too.

Stats have recorded that by 2019, there will be more than 2.1 billion users around the globe who will be playing through their smartphones and the dream 11 Port model will be implemented for other games as well. 

The app development cost for both the platforms with the fundamental features will cost around $ 9000 with the admin panel and $8000 without. If you wish to hire mobile app developers then you can have us on board.

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