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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an E-Learning App Like Byjus Cost?

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Smartphone technology has made its footprints in almost every domain and it showing an amazing impact in terms of better execution. Byju’s, m-learning solution is one of its type that has completely changed the perspective of learning with more innovations and progress. The integration of mobile app development can be one of the reasons for its emerging success in India. It has become India's leading Online Coaching and school education system. It offers an easy to use interface with comprehensive learning techniques. It already has millions of subscribers with a high retention rate.

If you are looking to have a look-a like app of Byjus with high-quality features and specfiications then we can help you in evaluating the app development cost. Tools like app cost calculator can give you an estimate price but for clear thought, we have listed some of the fundamental factors that rule the development cost for an application. 

Factors Affective Mobile App Development Cost:
Before leading to the development process it will be better to take into consideration the parameters that can help in evaluating the app development cost. The development of apps like Byju’s will require various factors to be considered which will eventually increase the development cost. The best way to optimize the cost is to have a perfect roadmap for development. 

Development Platforms: The development platform can really affect the purpose and the mobile app development cost. If you are willing to target a broader audience then you can go for both the android and Ios platforms. Or if you are looking for an MVP version of the application you can go for iOS platform as they have fewer devices to be tested upon then android and an app development company offering iOS development will offer a more refined and effective approach than android as its emulators are faster than android. 

Application Design: Since effective and iterative design always leads to better customer engagement which offers better results in returns for sure. The design of an application like Byju’s will play a key role in the development of an m-learning application. Hence to have better engagement and attention from students the design needs to be very attractive and easy to use. Mobile app development has introduced various advanced technologies that can be integrated to have effective development with the efficient performance of the application.

Libraries and Tools: it can be one of the major factors that can affect the app development cost. The type of libraries and tools that will be used in the development process will also affect the cost estimation. Since building an application consist of various development stages and we will be required various tools and components. Some open-source libraries offer free components and tools while we have to buy the premium tools and components with the subscription value. The app development company will help you in better understanding this factor and the increase in development cost because of this factor.

Features and Functionalities: The development cost estimated by using the app cost calculator will require the feature and the functionalities you are going to introduce in your app. The application size will surely depend upon the number of features and functionalities integrated in the application. You can filter out the main and the additional features that you are going to integrate and can offer some basic features with the first release. since more features lead to more complexity in the development and that will eventually add to more cost. 

App Development Company: The mobile app development cost will also affect depending upon the geographic location and the expertise level of the developers. If you hire mobile app developers with high expertise level then you will be going to have a rich-featured app but it will also cost high. To pick the best development team you need to review their past projects and estimate the expertise level as it can really affect the efficiency of your application.

Post Development Services: This can be counted as an additional cost in the mobile app development process. Find an app development company that can offer a complete package that includes development along with the support and maintenance and marketing. You can ask your technology partner to regulate the post-development services if you have that in your package for better engagement of the application.

Concluding all the features and the functionalities required if you pick mobile app development services providing company from India, then the app development cost for developing Byju’s Look a like app will cost $25000 on an average. If you wish to develop the application on both android and iOS platform than it will range between $30000 to $ 350000. However, the final price of the application may vary depending upon the features and functionalities you wish to integrate. 

If you are looking for a professional technology partner for your project then you can have us on board. Appentus adopt the best development practices for efficient and affordable development.

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