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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Meditation and Relaxation App

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Meditation is the best way in today's world to relax our bodies. People with stressful and exhausting life needs a way out that can provide inner peace to them and to have some quality time with themselves. A meditation app can be a great idea depending upon today's scenario as people are getting their interest in meditation and yoga, and they are giving time to it. Applications like headspace and calm are getting an enormous user-base in the market, and people are using these applications regularly to get relaxed. But how can we determine the development cost for applications like Headspace or calm? Hence to make it understand better we have listed below the list of features and the factors that affect the development cost of a meditation app.

List of Features Required in the Meditation and Relaxation App:

  • To attain the maximum functionality, one should consider the following list of elements in the app to achieve high performance.
  • Provide a detailed description with poses and moves in the process of yoga with proper instructions about when to inhale and exhale.
  • Images and videos illustrating all the poses perfectly with proper alignment and posture to make it easier for the user.
  • Description of all the listed poses in detail to understand the keep benefits of yoga and meditation.
  • The meditation mobile app must have an easy to the user interface. The user-friendly app should have an easy to register feature through social networking sites as well.
  • Structured data will help the user to look for the yoga and meditation quickly poses to have a session while they are at home.
  • Melodious and devotional music to build an aura of peace and harmony around them should be integrated.
  • Provide online yoga sessions with a feature to book and avail tickets online.
  • Build a store for people to buy equipment for yoga in the online meditation app.
  • Provide a safe and secure payment gateways to ensure a successful transaction.
  • You can also provide an online trainee facility with daily workout charts and remainders. You can charge them based on the requirements.

So there were some of the features that you can include in the meditation app design and development process. It will make it is more optimized and accessible by your users. You can also avail of a free access area to your users if you are looking at it through a business perspective.

How Much it will Cost To Develop Meditation App?

Applications like headspace and calm are ruling this industry with their premium and exclusive features but what will be the cost to build an app like headspace and calm? 

In general, the development cost for a meditation and relaxation app will cost you're around $9000 based on several factors. Several factors can rose the development cost, but it can be worthy as well.

  • App Platform: We have two of the leading platform available that are android and iOS the cost of development for both the platform is entirely different. Native application for android will cost low as compared to the iOS application. While to have a wide range of audience, you can also develop a cross-platform app that can perform efficiently on both platforms. You can develop a meditation app with technologies like React to build a development solution that can run seamlessly on both platforms. 
  • Features and Functionality: This part will affect the development cost for an online meditation app is a great way as the number and complexity of the features will determine the development cost of the application. To get better functionality, you need to filter out the premium and necessary elements of your use that can describe the purpose of your app. If you have a significant budget to invest, then you can integrate some premium features with your application to attract and entice people to use your form. But make sure you don't end up making too many features in your app as it can increase the complexity.
  • Design: You need to be very creative and intuitive with your plan to make sure people should enjoy your app. The meditation app design and development should be carried out with a high budget as it can affect the user behavior of your application. The design of the application needs to be user-friendly and beautiful thoroughly so the user can enjoy all the features and functionalities easily. Either there will be no use of adding multiple functions in the application if you don't have an excellent design to showcase them.
  • Size: The size of the application will affect the development cost proportionally. Application with bulky and multiple features will take more time to develop and hence increase the development cost. You can optimize the mobile meditation app by using compressed images and by filtering the premium features for the application.
  • Quality: Never compromise with the quality of your application over the development cost. As you can get developers who can provide you with a form with several features and functionalities, but the quality factor will be missing. Chances are there may be the user can use your app, but it will be only once as they will not find anything there. Hence you need to maintain the quality factor to develop a meditation app.

It can be understood that to develop meditation and relaxation apps, you will be required to build a feature enriched application that can provide enhanced user experience. You need to consider all these things while developing and designing the meditation app. Don't forget that the target audience of your application will contain a user of all ages so plan it accordingly. If you have been looking to get some technical help to understand these factors more precisely, then you can consult with our experts at Appentus technologies.

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