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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Flipkart?

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Looking to develop a Look a like app like Flipkart but now sure where to dive in?

Having a concern like this is obvious as mobile app development cost for an application like Flipkart can be evaluated using the app cost calculator but to have an accurate price you can consider these factors mentioned below.

Flipkart is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in India. It has a list of a wide range of products that includes home appliances, smartphones, clothing, etc. however Amazon was the first one who introduced e-commerce in India but eventually Flipkart has ruled the market. So if you have been thinking to build an application like this then evaluate the app development cost based on these factors.

Factors Affecting App Development Cost For An App Like Flipkart:

  • Application Platform: Mobile app development cost based on the platform can vary from android to ios. However, android applications are cheaper than Ios but the development of an application like Flipkart will cost more in android than Ios. this is because the emulators used in the android app development process are slower than Ios and the android applications need to be tested against more devices than iOS. Since the complexity in the development of an android application is more, that is ruling the app development cost. The development cost of the application can be controlled by making use of advanced and best development techniques. Make sure to hire mobile app developers that can offer the best development practices along with the efficient performance of the app.
  • Application Design: For an application like Flipkart, intuitive design is a must to keep the user engaged in the application for better conversion of sales. Designing of an application includes the appearance and functionality. Mobile app development introduces various advanced technologies that can help to create a responsive and user-friendly design. To develop cost-efficient application developers can make use of the standard designs or the templates that do not require much alteration because the custom app development process will require more effort and the complexity level is also high that eventually affects the app development cost. A user-friendly and simplified design can be more effective than a design with a bunch of features and it will also cost low.
  • Application Size: A Mobile app development company that uses the agile development module will offer the best development services as it manipulates all the factors in the best possible way to reduce the app development cost. Application size can be a ruling factor in evaluating the final price of the application. An application like Flipkart requires multiple screens and features that will eventually increase the application size. Along with the integration of third-party services and features will also increase the cost of the application. Better optimization can be performed in this scenario by cutting out the core and primary features in the application for version 1 of the application. Optimize all the development stages to reduce the application size.
  • Developers: Flipkart alike application will require investment at a good level that means you have to be very selective to pick the best app development company. The development cost of an application will depend upon the developer's expertise and experience level. E-commerce app development requires integration of various features and functionalities that eventually makes the development process complex and the developer can surely charge for that. You need to evaluate the ability of the developers depending upon the number of experience he/she have in development and by reviewing some of its past development. Since the cost calculated using the app cost calculator doesn’t include the developers cost so this will surely and additional cost in the mobile app development process.
  • Mobile Wallet: The E-commerce platform has become the best way for anyone to shop anything from anywhere without worrying about the delivery or any other thing but what worth an application like this without a wallet? A mobile wallet will surely add the app development cost but it will provide ease to the customers to make secure and safe payment and will help in building trust and engagement to the application. Almost every E-Commerce platform has a mobile wallet now. Since the integration of this will require more time and money but having a perfect strategy while creating the development roadmap can surely help in the optimization process to reduce the mobile app development cost.

The application development process consists of various stages and we can say at every stage there will be some addition to the final price of the application. Flipkart alike application cost will be influenced by multiple factors apart from these that includes deployment, marketing, etc. that needs to be considered while listing the final price tag of the application.

Here at Appentus, we offer the best app development services to ensure the everlasting performance of the application that can fulfill all your requirements. Contact us to discuss the latest trends that can help in the development.

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