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How Much Money Can You Earn Through an App

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Have an idea for an app? Will it be profitable?

If you have this concern and getting dicey about the decision to invest or not, then this article will help you to clear out this thing.

Application market has grown rapidly over years and it has built various opportunities for app development companies where they can make in billions and it will solely depend upon the marketing strategy you will apply to build your audience. Investment of your app will include the App development cost, marketing, monetization and If this is your first attempt then you have to make some sorted decision about the problem statement, platform, key features of the app as these terminologies will help you to generate revenues from the app.

Factors which vary the revenue of the app:

  • The platform of the app: With the availability of multiple platforms it will drastically affect the revenue of the app. You have to decide between IOS and Android or you can choose the both depending upon your audience or the marketing strategy you will apply. iOS developers are leading in the market with 5000$ monthly revenue while only 16 percent of Android app developers earn 5000% monthly today.

Make a comparison of Android vs iOS with various factors like the presence of users on the platform, usability, interface, app development cost, etc. With a clear thought about the platform to invest upon, it will be helpful for you to make a sorted decision.

  • In-app Purchase: with the evolvement of the application market, Mobile app development companies have come up with a new marketing strategy of providing in-app purchases which offer some premium features to the user, mostly in the gaming apps. Candy crush, clash of clan, etc, have earned over millions of dollars using the in-app purchase strategy. App development companies are creating more ways like subscription, advertisements to increase the amount of revenue of the app. You can ask the developers to add some premium features in your app, which will be charged for activation.
  • Subscription: One of the in-app purchase features is Subscription package which offers users some bonus tool which is not given to primary users. Tinder with 50 million registered user is free to download but it offers an in-app subscription of 9.99$ monthly for tinder plus and 14.99$
  • For tinder gold subscription. This will help you to hook your users to the application. It has created over 407.4 million dollars with the matched feature only. Various app development companies have created apps with subscription but it takes good contents and features to reach that level.

Netflix and Amazon have made billion dollars in the market with their content. So if you can make content which can bind the user to your app, then you can offer them a subscription.

  • Advertisements:  One more in-app feature which can be helpful to generate revenue is an advertisement. Mobile app development companies are using this feature by making deal with other companies to showcase their ads on app and charging them upon a single impression. If you can implement this deal and have over10,000 user daily on your app then you can easily make 100$ daily. If you are new in the market and looking for a way to get the advertisements then various Ad-network platforms like Leadbolt, air push, ad recover, etc. which offers CPC and CPT. you can make impressive strategies to get more users to see the advertisements to generate revenues.
  • Freemium: one of the least known strategies is Freemium. It works against money. You can offer your user an advanced version of your app against money to the user. It will increase your app development cost, but if you use the right strategy then you can easily cover it.

In the near future of mobile app development, more technologies have been introduced like AI, Virtual reality, etc. and this will give a new face to the application market and will create more opportunities for the developers. Both the iOS and Android app developers will get more domains to get flourished.

So if you have an incredible idea which can make its place in the market then this will be the best area for you. Make a sketch of your idea and reach to app development companies to make your dream come true.

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