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How To Calculate The Development Cost Of An Average E-Commerce Website

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The E-commerce platforms have gain immense popularity over the years and have become a great source to generate revenue for your offline Business. In today’s world, it is no more complex anymore to have a Website or app for your business. You can easily have a Website and application for your company. You need to just connect with an E-commerce Web Development firm to discuss your ideas and to turn them into reality.

Things to consider before starting the E-Commerce Website:

To have an effective web development make sure to have a business plan for your e-commerce business. It will help you in making an effective website for your business. You can have step by step development module to build an effective website to optimize the development cost and time. This will eventually save your cost and time that can be utilized in an app development company for future developments.

  • Goal: It can be one of the primary objectives for any development process that helps in better evaluating the features and factors required in the development and helps in better optimizing the web development cost. Determine your goal before developing an e-commerce platform for your business to better understand it.
  • Domain Name and Hosting: These are two of the important points in E-commerce web development that can help in better optimization of the website in terms of visibility and responsiveness. Make sure to pick a domain name that can be easily memorable and can be easily pronounced. People tend to remember these kinds of domains easily that can help you with customer Engagement. Depending upon your targeted audience and number of visitors on your website select the best hosting network. It will determine the loading time of your website that is again a ranking factor in google in terms of SEO.
  • SSL Certificate: Since you will be dealing with payments all the time and you have to gain the trust of your customer for future engagement. You can take an SSL certificate to avail of a secure transmission medium for your customers. The SSL protocol makes use of the encryption and authentication technologies to secure all the transaction on the website. Advanced technologies in the mobile app development sector can ensure safe and secure transaction modes.
  • Payment Gateway: To have a successful approach for E-commerce web development, this will be one of the ruling factors. You will require a secure payment gateway to allow customers to make payments through their debit or credit card. You can integrate or to have a secure and transparent payment gateway. However, it will require time since it takes time to get approval for such a platform but once you will get it, It will be worth waiting for it. You can also develop Mobile apps to reach more audiences.
  • Marketing and Promotion: You need to have a perfect marketing strategy to develop your resources into a brand. You can find multiple resources to get more customers or audiences on your website like SEO Optimization, affiliate programs, context advertising, etc. just like app store Optimization techniques works for applications you need to optimize your website for your targeted search engine.

Web Development Cost for E-commerce Platform:  E-commerce Website Development Cost can be better evaluated by determining the features you will indulge in your website. It consists of all the functionalities you are going to offer on your website to facilitate users to avail of the services. We have listed some of the fundamental features that will determine the web development cost. 

  • User registration: User registration process is required to authenticate users' identity to avoid any future mistakes. Make this process easier to avoid losing customers.
  • Catalog Page: To make it a successful approach, make sure to use effective and interactive web design that can be easily used by the customer. Filter out all the features required on this page and use the best web development technology to make it user-friendly.
  • Shopping Cart: This page will hold the list of all the products users wish to order. Once the user clicks on the “Add to cart” button the product will automatically add to this page. It can be considered as one of the primary features of the E-commerce platform.
  • Check Out Page: This page needs to be secure and fast processing. E-commerce Website development requires a secure payment gateway to avail users to buy products from your E-commerce Platform.
  • Contact/Support Page: This is must-have functionality in your website to avail customers to talk about any issue or any query regarding any product or service. Best development practice helps in optimizing the web development cost. 

Based on all the features and functionalities it can be estimated that the development time and cost required for the E-commerce platform will depend upon the complexity of the features. It will cost around $10,000 to 18,0000. You can contact Appentus technologies if you wish to build an E-commerce platform for your business.

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