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How To Create Progressive Web Apps (Pwa) With React Native

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Mobile application development is coming with various updates every day, and progressive web app development is one of the prominent solutions today to build fully-functional web apps in the market. One can determine the usability of this development methodology based on the following benefits it contains:

  • Storage
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  • Highly responsive
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  • Native Experience
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  • Progressive Enhancement

PWA is ultimately the most advanced and latest technology to develop highly continuous web applications. This technology is introduced to merge the benefits of mobile apps and websites to provide the most convenient way to access information for users. The components of a website and an application are integrated that are HTTPs, Manifest file, App Shell Structure and server files to build progressive web applications. It works as a hybrid of websites that can be easily accessed using a mobile app to get native-like experience. People who have been looking to know about how to build e-commerce PWA using react can learn the method described below.

Many leading enterprises are using PWA technology to enhance the user experience of the application. For say, we have twitter which has seen a growth of around 75% in a tweet and a 20 % decrease in the bounce rate which can be considered as a significant change in the behavior of the people. The twitter lite version based on react progressive web application tends to load under 3 seconds even after repeated visits. Also, we have Forbes in the list which has experienced a two* increase in the session length and more than 20% increase in the impression rate. Hence it proves that PWA is more reliable than natives and banners. 

Steps to Build a React Progressive Web Application:

We will be using the inbuilt packages in the react technologies, which are accepted globally to build the react app. With create-react-app, real-time PWA can be developed quickly. This package will make it easier to configure the application with readily available features. We can easily set up the development and installation packages with fewer possible errors. Along with this, the SW-Precache-Webpack-plugin will help you to build a fully-functional PWA app which will be integrated with the create-react-app package. Progressive web applications have a great future in this industry.

  • First, you have to download the Create-react-app tool to build a React Progressive Web Application. You can use the following command for that:

          “npm install -g create-react-app.”

  • After completing the installation process now, you can enter the following command to create a new app using react.

       “create-react-app ``Application Name``''

  • It is an in-built command to open all the packages to create a new application and to build a new folder in the servers to run a react native application. The service worker file will be stored there too. It will also develop a manifest file which will be stored in the public folder. Here you will also find a manifest.json file which will allow you to make changes in the appearance of the app, and it will work similarly like a simple JSON file.
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  • Here we will have the service worker code which will generate a service worker. To verify the system, making progressive web apps with react needs to go for production. Now the NPM run build will combine all the react packages to develop the PWA.
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  • Now we will set up a static server to run the application we use in our mobile phones.we will make use of the serving package which can be included with this command:

        “npm i serve –g
          serve -s build.”

  • Now you can access the application using the http://localhost:5000, or you can also use the lighthouse tool to check whether the application is PWA or not.

To build an app with react, we have to consider some of the points. We have to make several changes that will reflect the real-time PWA with react.

To continue, we will be required two folders named as today and history, which will contain today.js and todya.css and vice versa. Along with this, we will be required to create an app shell that will determine the interface of the application and how it will look. You can use javascript and CSS that will help you to build intuitive UI.once you are done with this now you will be needed to make react components using the ES6 Import. You will also be required to integrate the Axios.

Deploy the application

  • To deploy the app, you can use the following command:

       “npm run build.”

  • After this, we have to install the packages which can be executed using the following code.

       “npm install express body-parser pusher.”

It will live the application at the localhost server. You can use now deploy command to get a live URL for the app, and you can also check the PWA status of the app using the lighthouse tool.

Hence we have built a react uniform web application using the react, service workers and dev tools. Progressive web applications are the cost-effective development solution; however, there are still some software and browsers that do not support PWA, but it will be soon. So if you need a progressive web app development company, then you can contact appentus. 

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