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Importance of Voice Search and How Do You Optimize Website For Voice Search

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Voice search is becoming the next possible technology for users to search for anything on the web without scrolling sites one their respective devices. This new technology can be your key to become a successful brand in the future. Voice search trends are expecting to get higher by 2020 and if how to optimize your website for voice search? Is your concern then you can make use of the points discussed below to improve your ranking in search engines for voice search.

This technology can drastically affect the user experience as it provides ease while making a search query to generate results and it can be expected that by 2020 most of the searches will be made through the voice search. Voice search SEO should be your next step to maintain your rankings on search engines as google is highly recommending voice search optimization to compete in the market. We have been dealing with mobile and web development services for very long and with our experience in this, we have listed some of the optimization techniques according to voice search SEO 2019.

Important Tips to Optimize for Voice Search:

It has been seen that normally users use the voice search feature to either play a song or to search for a particular thing online. The advancement of mobile app development technologies has made it possible to perform these kinds of operations easily. We have discussed below 5 important tips that have been used by Google to rank a website based on voice search results. You can make use of these Voice Search Strategies to make your ranking better on search engines.

Improve Website Loading Speed:

Google has the same criteria for voice optimization also. Google rewards websites that load faster. Follow this checklist to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines.

  • Create a mobile responsive design.
  • o
  • Make sure to use image optimization.
  • o
  • Compress files to reduce the size and improve page speed.
  • o
  • Use website caching to enhance website speed.
  • o
  • Improve server response time.
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  • Additional optimization to improve speed.

Make use of advanced development tools to optimize the website. This way you can follow the basics voice search trends to stand out in the market.

Include Long-Tail Keywords:

When a user find any content, it has been observed that they tend to type in Short phrases like if someone is looking for a graphic designer then they might type “best graphic designer” but in voice search, they might type “list of top graphic designers in the world?”.

To optimize your content for voice search SEO make use of Long-Tail keywords. Use keywords that are similar to short phrases in a more easier way.

Make your keywords that are easy to read and understand as voice search results are ranked at 9th- grade reading level. Long-Tail keywords work for both voice search and traditional search listings. You can aim for listings that have 1800-2000 words in the count.

Include Featured Snippet:

Voice search provides 29 words long search results on an average but it has been observed that even the short answers can also attract the user and can entice them to visit your website. But the question is how google will find the content?

A featured Snippet- yes, it can be also called position zero, Answer box, or Quick Answers. These are the summary of the webpages. During a search result, these boxes appear right after the paid advertisements and before the organic search results.

Try optimizing your content for a featured snippet with less than 29 Words. In your voice Search Strategies, Make proper use of H-Tags, bullet points, etc. as these are easily readable by Google. Use the long-tail keywords in your featured snippet.

Focus on Local Searches:

It has been observed that voice search queries are mostly looking for location-based content. You can make use of phrases like “near me” for better optimization of your content based on the report of Voice search SEO 2019. Try investing in local content that can deliver high conversion. People mostly tend to use the voice search feature when they want to use any nearby services or products. You can try optimizing your content for local search phrases to get great conversion rates. Voice Search SEO trends have been seen updating rapidly and it can be estimated that half of the searches will be converted into voice search.

Voice search can be expected as the next possible thing in SEO and investing in it can help in brand awareness, recognition, and better revenue generation. Since voice search is evolving and if you practice voice search optimization now then you can step ahead from the competition and can lead in the league. If you are a beginner in this field and looking for a professional technological partner then you can contact Appentus Technologies.

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