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How to Research Target Market for Your Mobile Apps

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Before planning to release your app make sure you have a potential audience where you can deploy your app to get high returns. If you are done with the development process and have done thorough research for marketing your mobile app then you are all set to deploy your app in the market but if you are still not done with the app marketing strategies then you need to figure out first that who will be your targetted audience and take further steps.

You need to be very serious about this process as your ultimate goal for developing this app will be more and more users and it can be achieved by working efficiently on this process. Even it has been reported that around 14% of startups fail because they do not carry this process effectively and lost their market because of their unethical marketing strategies.

Mobile app marketing can be very crucial as this is the time where you cannot afford to make any error because the user will get a chance to visit your app with this. So if you have a great idea that can make a great impact then conduct this efficiently. You need first understand the user behavior by conducting research or something. You need to take some time to understand your potential customers to learn about their requirements. It will help you in the development process too and will save a good amount of money.


  • Having a target audience even before applying the development process can be very helpful in terms of business.
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  • The probability of success becomes higher.
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  • It will help in understanding user behavior which will reduce the complexity of the development process.
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  • Mobile app research will help to build an optimized solution according to the market needs.
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  • A list of potential customers for marketing your app.

Steps to Determine App Marketing Strategies:

It can be easily understood that most of the people in today’s era are using smartphones and mobile devices which offers access over multiple apps to fulfill their needs. Hence people are looking for something different that can offer ease to manage their work properly. Hence for marketing your app, you can follow these steps:

General Understanding: In this, you will learn about the basic terminology in the market and build knowledge about the basic necessity of your audience. Like if you have a fruit app, then you will look for the people living in the region or state you are looking to provide your services. This list will include people of all age groups and make sure you don’t just keep your focus on women as even men and kids can also use the app to get services.

Secondary Market Research: This is the stage where you have to go deep down and research your competitors and users who often visit these kinds of app. You have to research on several factors like what kind of thing people buy mostly and the mode of payment they use. This will help you in making an effective mobile app marketing strategy.

Marketing Agency: If you want this to be done with an expert then you can hire a marketing agency to conduct intuitive mobile app research to identify your potential customers. You will get a list of N number of marketing agencies who are willing to provide services to their clients. You need to just google about your requirements.

Cost-Effective Research: Having an app marketing strategies that won’t cost you so much that it can be very beneficial. You can learn about your competitors and audience through stats and sources available on various websites on google. You can have access to various useful information on google that contains figures, stats, and information about mobile apps and markets. You can use google trends or AdWords to learn about the trending things in the market.

Demographics: To get the best output from your app you have to identify your audience in terms of their age, location, and culture. It will help you in building a creative marketing strategy that will entice them to use your app. You need to understand the behavior and lifestyle of your audience to know them better.

Conducting Surveys: This can be the best way to better understand the preferences of your audience. You can conduct a survey online or offline to know about the needs and other fundamental aspects to build the mobile app marketing strategy. You can have a facebook campaign describing your services and products to get the feedback of the consumers.

Having effective app marketing strategies can be beneficial in various terms. It will make the development process easier and the success rates become high. If you are looking to start from scratch and need technical guidance then you can contact Appentus.

We are a leading mobile and web development company who offers to build a cost-effective and reliable solution that can meet your business requirements.

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