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How to Run App A/B Tests and Get Results

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Building an effective application needs to evaluated at different levels. One needs to create different versions and forms of a single product to pick the best one. An A/B testing help in this to make a comparison between two versions of the same product to determine which works better and to design the landing page of a website and to find the bugs to create and build a new app.

A/B testing process will require multiple elements to create a complete analysis of the product. Along with its comparison features, it also helps in understanding the user’s behavior and to help developers to make possible changes that can lead to positive development. We have discussed below the process to perform an app A/B Testing.

How to Perform an App A/B Testing?

There are multiple tools available out there that can be used to perform A/B testing. These tools are equipped enough to perform normalization to your code to process smooth development. These tools can be distinguished in three different forms:

  • Integration with web content management system for evaluation.
  • o
  • Web analytics.
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  • One-complete solution.

To better understand the behavior of the users, a web analytics tool can be used. Once you will be able to perform a calculated experiment then you will get to know what exactly happened and why? 

We have discussed below how to run the A/B Testing Process perfectly to get accurate results.

Decide your Goal: This is for real that you can use the A/B testing for anything out there. You can make use of it to evaluate product details, mobile app development and to create a perfect landing page. It will help in making effective changes to complete the development process.

Mobile apps can vary based on their domains and so as their users. It is a must to consider new user experiences while building and designing the new application.A/B testing result will determine the best possible solution for bugs and issues in your app.

The goal you wish to achieve with this A/B Testing needs to be constructed first as it will be the basis of the testing. For example, if an e-commerce company wishes to perform this test them element will vary on their purpose of testing. If they want to try to raise the number of purchases on their website then the elements will be as follows.

  • Call-to-Actions.
  • o
  • User Experience on the App.
  • o
  • Product Visualization.
  • o
  • Application Security.

In this way, it will help in performing an effective and worthy test. Try to figure out the shortcomings of your application and website to better understand your goal.

Create Test: This step will completely depend upon what you want your users to do on your app or your website. This will vary from operation to operation whether you want users to complete a transaction on your application or want them to subscribe for your service. One of the elements that might help in creating the test can be how many steps will be required to complete a transaction. You can create the A/B testing process based on the elements you have evaluated.

Try to make changes in the designing components to test and evaluate the A/B testing results based on multiple variables and elements. With making use of different IP Addresses you can deliver the application to new users to check application at various parameters that include the Click-through-rate, dwell-time, etc. create a perfect combination of design and features to release the best version that can ensure maximum profit.

Detect Common Pitfalls: Optimize the A/B testing process. Here we have discussed some of the common pitfalls in the testing.

Run test Simultaneously: to compare two versions, try to run the test simultaneously to evaluate the issues at a point of time on both sides.

Be Attentive: You can make use of the visual website optimizer tool that helps in calculating the statistical confidence, which needs to be noted down as these outcomes help in evaluating the A/B testing result.

Follow the Test Result: A/B testing process helps in attaining the goal to create a high conversion rate but the changing element can differ. You need to follow the test results to get effective output.

To perform a successful A/B testing it is required to include every single factor that can affect the outcome. This will eventually deliver significant results. In the case of external factors, it is recommended to test both the versions simultaneously. Makes sure to not make any changes in the test until you have an effective A/B testing result.

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