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Hybrid App Development Framework For Mobile App Development

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The world of mobile app development is seeking to have some high technology that can create a revolutionary impact across the globe. To achieve it at a significant level, several techniques are used in which hybrid app development is one of the types that offer to develop an app that can be deployed on multiple platforms. The reason behind the immense growth of this framework for mobile hybrid apps is that the developer doesn’t have to build two different apps for both the platforms. Even if he has to make any changes or update in the app, he doesn’t need to update two apps.

It is a Cross-platform mobile app development framework that offers to develop mobile applications that can be installed on multiple platforms. These are produced as simple web apps or mobile applications designed with HTML5 UI components to fits the design of the device. These applications also have access to the native elements of your devices like cameras, microphones, etc. to make it better understand we have described below the best hybrid mobile app development framework for 2019 that you should know about.

List of Top Mobile App Development Framework:

  • ReactNative: Facebook has introduced it as the most prominent cross-platform mobile app development framework that offers to develop robust applications. It is an open-source javascript library which is designed to build creative UIs for Android and Ios. Having good knowledge of javascript can be helpful in this. It can be even integrating into an existing app which makes it look like a library more than a framework too. Leading social media platforms like Snapchat and tinder are built using this framework. With the regular updates, it will become one of the prominent mobile app development framework in the coming years.
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  • ONSEN UI: It is an open-source platform that allows developers to build cross-platform applications using Native components. It can be incorporated with angularJs, which makes it the most accessible available frameworks. It offers to create intuitive and creative mobile and web applications with multiple layouts and designs. One of the main disadvantages of this framework is that it provides only the iOS theme. Hence it would help if you made custom designs. ONSEN UI has been used to develop some exclusive and premium applications, which are Giro d’italia and off-course golf. These are one of its types which makes it the best hybrid app framework. 
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  • Ionic: Ionic is among the list of best hybrid app frameworks 2019 because of its quality to develop scalable applications. It is based on HTML5 that can be integrated with AngularJs and javascript to build highly robust and scalable mobile apps. One more thing that makes it the preferable cross-app development framework by the developer is that its free. It offers to build material designs along with google designs for the development of android apps. Ionic makes use of the Cordova Javascript APIs that offer to provide a Native environment. Some great inventions of this framework are Just watched and Sworkit. 
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  • JQuery Mobile: Jquery is one of the most used and oldest mobile app development frameworks in this list, but its intuitive approach makes it the preferred structure by the developers. It always focuses on enhancing the quality and performance of the application by writing fewer codes. The framework is based on HTML5 and customs UI, which helps in using the original CSS3s features. It offers to develop an application that can perform seamlessly across all the platforms.
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  • Kendo UI: the unique quality to build both hybrid and native applications makes it an exciting framework. The Kendo UI offers you to develop applications for both of the type. Developers can build applications using the HTML and Javascript that are based on Client-side, or they can use the PHP and, which is server-based with the Mid-level subscription plan. Even other programs support Bootstrap, Angular JS and java too. You can use the theme builder tool to design and develop customized themes, or you can use the available one. The creative and intuitive features make it among the top mobile app development framework.

The race to become the best hybrid mobile app development framework is still going on because every other cross-platform framework is different in their way. They are based on different purposes and approaches which makes them unique. However, building a hybrid app can be the right choice if you are looking for a cost-effective development solution. If you need an expert who can help you to decide the best cross-platform mobile app development framework for your app, then you can have us on board.

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