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How to Implement T9 Search in iOS

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T9 may be a prognosticative text technology for mobile phones and iPhone app development company specifically people who contain a physical 3x4 numeric input device.

T9 was originally developed by Tegic Communications, and therefore the name stands for text on nine keys.

Illustration of T9 Search on the Numeric Input Device

You can guess why T9 in all probability never created it to iOS. Throughout the Smartphone revolution, T9 input became obsolete, as fashionable Smartphones relied on full keyboards, courtesy of their touch screen displays.

Since Apple never had any phones with physical keyboards and wasn’t within the phone business throughout the flower of T9, this technology was omitted from iOS.

T9 continues to be used on sure cheap phones while not a touch screen (so-called feature phones).

However, despite the actual fact that the majority robot phones never featured physical keyboards, fashionable robot devices feature support for T9 input, which might be accustomed dial contacts by writing system the name of the contact one is making an attempt to decide.

An Example of T9 predictive Input in Action

On a phone with a numeric input device, whenever a key (1-9) is ironed (when during a text field), the algorithmic program returns a guess for what letters square measure presumably for the keys ironed thereto purpose.

  • Xcode screenshot

For example, to enter the word “the” a user would press eight then four than three, and therefore the show would show  “t,” then “the,” so “the.” If the less-common word “fore” is meant (3673), the predictive algorithmic program could choose “Ford.” Pressing the “next” key (typically the “*” key) may mention “dose,” and eventually “fore.” If “fore” is chosen, the future time the user presses the sequence 3673, fore are going to be additional seemingly to be the primary word displayed. If the word “Felix” is meant, however, once coming into 33549, the show shows “E,” then “De,” “Del,” “Deli,” and “Felix.”

  • Programmatic Use of T9 in iOS

So, let’s dive into this feature and write a straightforward example of T9 input for iOS.

First of all, we'd like to make a brand new project. The stipulations required for our project square measure basic: Xcode and Xcode build tools to put in on your waterproof.

IOS app development community is working on it and iOS app developers doing a great job.

Create a brand new project, open your Xcode application on your waterproof and choose “Create a brand new Xcode project,” then name your project, and select the sort of application to be created. Merely choose “Single read App” and press next.

  • Xcode screenshot 2nd thing

On future screen, as you'll see there'll be some information that you simply got to offer.

Product Name: T9Search

Team. Here, if you wish to run this application on a true device, you may have a developer account. In my case, I'll use my very own account for this.

Note: If you are doing not have a developer account, you'll run this on machine similarly.

Organization Name: Toptal

Organization Identifier: “com. toptal”

Language: select Swift

Press future button, and that we square measure able to begin.


Some T9 implementations feature good punctuation. This feature permits the user to insert sentence and word punctuation exploitation the '1'-key. Looking on the context, good punctuation inserts sentence punctuation (period or 'full stop') or embedded punctuation (period or hyphen) or word punctuation.

The UDB is no obligatory feature that enables words that were expressly entered by the user to behold on for future reference. The number of words hold on rely on the implementation and therefore the language.

In later versions of T9, the order of the words conferred is tailored to the usage pattern. for example, in English, 4663 matches "good", "home", "gone", "hood", etc. Such mixtures square measure referred to as textonyms; e.g., "home" is spoken as a textonym of "good”.

iPhone application development company supporting all these features. For words entered by the user, word completion will be enabled. Once the user enters matching keypresses, additionally to words and stems, the system conjointly provides completions.

How to install it in IOS -

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings. The icon feels like a collection of grey cogs situated on one among the house screens.
  • o
  • If Settings isn't gifted on a home screen, its icon will be situated within the Utility folder on one among the house screens.
  • o
  • Tap General. It’s situated within the third cluster of menu choices.
  • o
  • Scroll down and faucet Keyboard. It’s situated within the seventh cluster of menu choices.
  • o
  • Scroll down and slide the prognosticative button to the “on” position. This can modify Quick Type. Now, whenever you employ the default keyboard, words can begin to look higher than the letters as you kind because the app tries to predict the word you're writing.

In a later version of T9, the user will choose a primary and secondary language and access matches from each language. This allows users to write down messages in their language, similarly as a distant one.

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