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Instagram Adds Join Chat feature for Instagram Stories

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Ruling the social media platforms like a king, Instagram has unveiled one more amazing feature recently which allows the user to create a group chat using the stories. This feature will help to participate in group chats for making plans with friends, introducing your Fan to other people and many more. Eventually, it will result in more engagement of users to the app. This will be available in the latest App version of Instagram.

Among all the Instagram features this will gain more popularity among peoples as earlier it was developed as an image sharing platform where people share images with their connections. It has become a great social tool for influencers and marketers to promote their brand over a large network of people.

Although Instagram Direct messaging service allows the user to create a group chat this new feature will allow the followers to join a group chat instead of selecting people to create a group chat. One can set a title for the chat and can share the post with the close friends to create discussions on topics related within their connections.

How Does It work?

The latest feature enrolled by Instagram recently will be available in the stories section. You can select it while customization of your post. Once you will tap on the sticker it will emerge into a big “Join Chat”. You can then publish your app with it. If a user will tap on the Join chat sticker, the user who shared it will get a request. Now from here, the user can make the choice to allow them to be a part of the group chat or not.

Once the user who shared it will accept the request of the user, the user will be able to chat with all the former users whose requests have been accepted. It will remain available in the direct messaging service until the user who shared the post will end the conversation. Once the user who shared it will have the conclusion of the discussion he/she can close the conversation thereafter.

Benefits involved in Join Chat feature

Instagram, being a company worth billions, it won’t make any changes in its development cycle until it won’t have benefits to their business. It has introduced various other features recently which has considered really useful for users and the influencers who are using it for their marketing tactics.

  • Influencers: Many Mobile Application Development Company has started getting involved in social media campaigns as it provides faster results. Integrating with a social media influencer, who have a strong connection in a particular niche can be really beneficial for startups to reach the audience. The Join Chat feature will provide an easier way for the marketers and the influencer to create discussions with the people about their products and the service.
  • Discussions and meets: In the latest App Version of Instagram, it will be better for the user to create discussion over any specific topics. This can be beneficial to get useful information from a bunch of people. Users can put on a story with a title to create a discussion room for the experts. Or he can create meet up plans with his friends by posting stories for selected people using closed friends' features. However, Direct Messaging can be also used but you can get unexpected answers from the random group chat.
  • Marketers: People who hire people to handle their social media campaigns can get real benefits from this. As it will provide them a potential way to engage their customers and get real feedback from the users. People who own a mobile application development company can get suggestions over marketing strategies to be applied and to get better results.

Instagram has its own app for direct messaging features, which will be soon get rolled out from the market as the company is working on the development of the application to make it more engaging for the user along with keepings its focus on core features and capabilities. Many Instagram features that have been introduced recently like IGTV for sharing Large videos, in-app Purchases to make it easier for the user to shop within the app, etc. are creating a better way for the users.

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