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How To Integrate Payment Gateway In Your Mobile App

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Digital payment has made it possible for the user to get everything at their fingertips. People pay for most of their services using their smartphones. With the advent of On-Demand Applications, it has become easier for the people to avail services whenever they want.

So if you have an innovative plan which can offer the best services then payment gateway at the checkout is must to facilitate user with the easier transaction.

Initially get a technological partner based on your choice of platform. You can pick an Android app development company if you have less to invest at the fundamental stage. Here we have explained the method to integrate the payment gateway in both android and ios App Development.

Steps to integrate Payment Gateway in iOS Application:

Developers in an iPhone app development company can use the Drop-in UI for the integration of payment gateways. Make sure you have updated your OS to Ios 9+.

  • In case of Cocoapads add the Braintree Drop-in file to your pod file while in Carthage you need to add the Github Braintree/braintree-ios-drop-in” to your cart file and then run Pod Install.
  • Move ahead with creating a unique token at every app launch from the server. In Braintree tokenization, you can avoid this but in case of customization UI, this step is a must.
  •  Once you are done with this then you need to initiate testing. Log in using your sandbox credentials or create an account if you don't have. Use the available cards and nonces in the Braintree test.
  • Use the Nonce method to make a transaction on the server.

Steps to Integrate Payment Gateway in Android Application:

For the integration of payment gateway in android app development, you can use the Drop-in UI just like in the case of iPhone applications.

  • Include the Drop-in UI in the build.gradle file.
  • Now you need to get them a unique token from the server at every app launch. You can also start the tokenization with the Custom UI.
  • Now use the Braintree account to start the testing process. Make use of Nonce to start the transaction.

Here we have the listed of Top payment gateways for Applications

  • Stripe:

It offers ease in the development process along with quick and smart API integration which supports a bunch of libraries which include IOS, android, ruby, PHP, etc. it also offers various amazing features that can be customized as per demand. It is preferred by most of the Mobile app development company because it can be further integrated with other libraries easily. It supports around 100+ currencies and can be used to create customized Payment Forms. It charges only for the conversion of currency which means it can be integrated without any cost.

  • Braintree:

It has been acquired by Paypal family on September 26, 2013. Braintree can be also easily integrated with a mobile app just like Stripe. You can use it in both the android and iOS application Development. You can use the Drop in Checkout UI and Customize the form up to create customized payment gateways for the application. It supports payment across 40 countries and accepts payment in around 130+ currencies. To create additional security it supports the Hosted Field features which enable the hosting of the data remotely and can process payment in less than 2 days. Based on your application platform, discuss with your technology partner to integrate this payment gateway method in your app.

  • Paypal

Paypal, being the most used payment gateway offers security in terms of their credit card information. Around 75% of the US users have their account on PayPal. Most of the iPhone application development Companies prefer this because of its custom development of payment form. Integration can be performed using the Paypal Mobile SDK by creating payment forms. It offers simple invoicing with multiple payments simultaneously. The charges at the successful transaction vary from 2.9-3.5 % and support over 203 countries with 26 can also get the Paypal Pro Package at 30$.

Integration with these methods can be fruitful to you in terms of transaction security and easy to access. For a successful mobile app development Payment Method integration, you will require some basic coding knowledge and implementation skills.

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